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Managed IoT Routers & Router SIM Card(s)


Always stay Connected

IoT Cellular Routers: Critical Network Infrastructure

Take advantage of our managed IoT routers for secure, resilient and flexible connectivity in industries such as retail, hospitality, CCTV, construction and automotive applications. Our services are successfully providing critical connectivity in sectors such as fire and security.

We also offer managed IoT routers as a service, including remote management. Our industrial routers and services originally being designed for highest uptime and resilience to support life-critical alarms and building security devices. 

Router Use Cases


Building & Security

Our connectivity systems help connect CCTV, security systems and building access systems.

EV Charge Point

Parking & EV Charging

Our connectivity systems help connect infrastructure devices located in remote or indoor areas.

EPoS SIM Cards

Retail & Point of Sale

We connect payment terminals and till devices for payment transactions and for content and information services. 

Highway Management

Highway Management

We connect infrastructure located in hard to reach or challenging environments.

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IoT Routers & Router SIM Cards - Key Features:

Robust, Secure & Resilient IoT Router Networks

As IoT experts, the strong resilience and service uptime designed for the fire and security sector are also valued in other areas needing high levels of security and data privacy. This includes applications like CCTV, ANPR, EV Charge Points, and essential transport infrastructure such as highway information and enforcement camera systems. Talk to us to specify the right router, IoT gateway and connectivity options for your use case and service needs.

IoT Routers: Industry Use Cases

Our IoT router service is growing to meet essential connectivity needs in retail, payment terminals, self-service kiosks, hospitality, and rail transport. Sectors and uses encompass: 

Securely Managed Cellular Routers & Router SIM Card Services

We have a wide availability of router SIM cards from multi-network and single network providers. All our IoT routers are securely handled by our advanced support systems and services, including IoT SIM cards managed through our Caburn IoT SIM Management Platform. 

IoT Routers: Configured to 'Work Out of the Box'

Installing IoT routers has historically been difficult, demanding significant technical expertise. Our setup services guarantee simple, plug-and-play installation for our routers, making the process hassle-free and user-friendly.

We offer the ease and straightforwardness that pre-configuration offers in the realm of IoT routers, transforming how we link and automate IoT devices and services. Bid farewell to complex setups and embrace a fresh, seamless connectivity.

Optimised IoT Connectivity: Wi-Fi and Broadband

In the ever-evolving realm of IoT, connectivity is key. IoT routers are essential in freeing IoT providers from reliance on public or on-site corporate Wi-Fi. Our sturdy routers function as gateways, creating private networks for seamless communication and data transfer between IoT devices, eliminating the need for public Wi-Fi.

This new independence gives service providers the ability to design their own network connections, ensuring their IoT systems run smoothly, securely, and without interruption. IoT routers remove the need for public Wi-Fi, allowing for better control and improved connectivity.