Connect any Device with Confidence

For large global deployments you need full confidence in your connectivity. Caburn Telecom’s next-generation MVNO architecture provides that confidence.

Our customers receive the precise visibility and control expected through our Caburn Insight portal. Contrary to other suppliers, however, we do this without compromising security, resilience and global scalability.

We have achieved this by simplifying the network architecture to ensure your critical data remains on Tier-1 carrier infrastructure at all times. This has provided a solution strong enough to cope with sudden loads and allow large SIM estates to be activated simultaneously and instantly.

Global SIM Solutions

The Caburn Telecom Global SIM enables you to reduce stock variants for export to different markets. Our Global SIM operates on multiple networks in over 190 countries, with identical configuration...

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International Roaming

Caburn Telecom has created a range of simple flat tariffs on multiple networks operating across regions including Europe, Asia, Latin America and North America. This means borderless roaming, predictable costs...

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Multi-Network Operation

Our multi-network SIMs let your devices use the best available network at all times. This maximises the area from which your devices can get connected and the resilience of the...

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Commercial Flexibility

For further flexibility, customers can suspend and cancel SIMs with no contract release charge. Just give notice and pay for the current month. Suspended SIMs can be held for up...

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SIM Management Platform

The Caburn SIM Management Platform and portal provides an easy-to-use, enterprise-class IoT management platform for our clients. Caburn has developed the system in response to our customer’s needs to effectively,...

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Services & Support

Experienced telecoms engineers on hand to help you. Expert help available 24/7. Personalised support when you need it

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Narrowband IoT / LPWA

Our SIMs are compatible with GSMA standards for LTE Cat M1. We also provide ChipSim solutions, as well as technical consultation and advice for NB-IoT, & eUICC deployments.

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Device Security

Taking a rational approach which optimises the security solution design to match the risk profile helps IoT businesses balance protection with restriction.

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Case Studies

Spirit healthcare

Project type: Healthcare Location: United Kingdom Challenge: Providing resilient connectivity for patients and nurses. Solution: Working in partnership to develop a...

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Project type: Connected security and alarm systems for commercial and domestic customers. Location: Tarragona, Spain Challenge: Maintaining vital links between alarm...

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Scorpion Automotive

Project type: Vehicle Security Location: United Kingdom Challenge: Providing resilient and strong geographically coverage. Integration with operations and systems via API...

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Connected Solutions for a Diverse Array of IoT Applications