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Virtual SIM (vSIM)

Virtual SIM

The virtual SIM utilises Caburn’s platforms and API for communications where no physical SIM is required. This means that a unique virtual SIM ICCID is allocated a unique and valid telephone number which can receive SMS and their messages via our portals. This can be for the purposes of authenticating B2B or consumer ready devices and maintaining them easily as all vSIMs and their messages are viewable and managed via our Management Platform and Portal in a simple to use format.

Authentication, aggregation, and delivery.

Caburn Telecom provide the vSIM facility to enable authentication, aggregation, and delivery of messages to unique virtual telephone numbers. These can be attributed to individual devices when deploying consumer devices in large volumes, where each requires to be assigned with a unique user ID/mobile telephone number. This is typically for account authentication and centralised management purposes. For instance, many devices (i.e., video conferencing facilities, smart home equipment and smart voice-prompted equipment), use Wi-Fi for their device connectivity, but still require a unique user/secure telephone number to enable their services and allow ongoing centralised management of them.

Case Studies

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Spirit Healthcare Caburn case study

Spirit healthcare

Spirit healthcare - Working in partnership to develop a connectivity service that provides strong geographical coverage and cross-network resilience.

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Seguirincat Case study, image.


Project type: Connected security and alarm systems for commercial and domestic customers. Location: Tarragona, Spain Challenge: Maintaining vital links between alarm...

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Scorpion Automotive IoT connectivity and SIM management case study image

Scorpion Automotive

Scorpion Automotive is a designer of alarms, immobilisers and telematics systems for the automotive industry. Caburn Telecom provided a Multi-network SIM...

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