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Electric Vehicle Charging

Optimise Your Charging Infrastructure

Public Electric Vehicle Charge-Points

Caburn Telecom provide the critical communications element of EV Charging Systems. 

Everything about the charge point business is reliant on real-time communications; from maintenance status, operational monitoring, and usage-metering, to user ID and payment processing. In many locations, fixed-line is unfeasible or uneconomic, so 3G, 4G and 5G, GSM can be used instead. Even where fixed line is installed, GSM back-up should be designed into the system as an emergency standby in case of connectivity issues. 

Real-Time Communications

Public (and most corporate) charge-points need to be metered so that the users can be identified and billed and monitored so that the operator can see (and report to users’ apps) the site’s status in real-time. If any single aspect of this ensemble fails, then the charge point will not be operational, creating a lost revenue opportunity, frustration to users and the potential for damage to the brand’s reputation. 

The critical communications element of EV Charging Systems means providing a SIM in the chosen format with non-steered access to multiple networks in each country. Giving our clients access to our extensive but simple-to-use platform enabling complete estate oversight from one pane of glass, management by exception, and a comprehensive API, along with commercial terms that allow flexibility and the ability to adapt to future market and technical conditions.

Domestic EV Charge-Points

In Smart City projects, the domestic EV market is an interesting and important segment. While the need for sophisticated connectivity solutions is immediately apparent in public use settings, perhaps the domestic market, although larger by volume, is less considered. In public settings, EV chargers need to be maintained to a high service level and provide secure authentication and payment.

Users need to trust that their everyday and imprompt journeys and deviations to charge points are consistent and supportable by the infrastructure. In domestic applications, many feel that connecting to the home Wi-Fi will be sufficient, however, a password change or change of router renders the device uncontactable and uncontrollable. We might ask why is this important? Put simply, EV charge points are not only safety critical devices, but also high users of energy. They need to be connected and controlled so that energy companies can manage supply and demand and users can optimise their charging usage and costs. Independent connectivity also means that firmware updates can be applied to protect domestic users. 

Case Studies

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Project type: Connected security and alarm systems for commercial and domestic customers. Location:...

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