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Bodycam SIMs, Body Camera SIM Cards & Supporting Router Systems


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Body Camera Systems: SIM Cards & Routers

Caburn Telecom offers highest standard connectivity for Bodycams, including SIM cards and resilient networks for safety-critical services. Bodycam devices need bodycam sim cards to provide their unique connectivity needs and features for voice, data, video streams, and increasingly VoLTE.

It is essential to keep connectivity services for body cameras running smoothly for safety reasons, requiring real-time network and service monitoring. Reliable, secure, and uninterrupted communication is crucial for successful body camera operation, along with the ability to switch between various types of networks such as 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, WiFi, and VoLTE. As a result, we offer body camera SIM cards and managed IoT routers as managed services to meet these requirements.

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Maximum Uptime for Body Camera Devices

A primary consideration when choosing a connectivity partner for body camera services is service uptime. For mission-critical devices such as lone-worker safety bodycam systems, it is important to have a solution that can provide the maximum uptime. 

Multi-networkmulti-IMSI, VoLTE, and WiFi as fully managed mobile IoT services are vital as  the primary or back-up connectivity mechanism for body camera devices.

This ensures the necessary and maximum local network coverage, core network geo-redundancy and network capacities are always available. 

This means that your data will keep flowing if there is a problem or poor coverage on one network or local data communications issues.

Secure, Private & Seamless Wireless or Radio Communications

Security and data privacy are critical requirements for bodycam systems. Sensitive data will be transmitted to security systems or alarm receiving centres. Utilising secure APN and VPN are therefore key elements of the solution. Data also needs to be stored appropriately. 

Seamless communications are also vital for end users. For example, poor coverage or a data or network outage can be disturbing and worrying for lone workers, and the businesses and lone worker service providers seeking to protect them. 

Loss of service and costs of device or service recovery if IoT SIMs are not fully functional,  provisioned or remotely managed correctly can create significant management and resource headaches.  

The Importance of Mini Body Camera & CCTV Camera Systems

Body cameras are becoming an increasingly common sight in police, security departments and public services. This is thanks to their ability to improve safety and security, helping to protect both the public and those involved in law enforcement and public service. Other camera systems such as CCTV and powered trail camera are also often connected by similar network systems but tend to be mains powered or less encumbered by battery size and weight.

In order to ensure they are as effective as possible, it has become essential for wearable body cameras to be connected to the internet or other wireless networks in order to give them optimal connectivity and enable the recording of data whilst effectively manging power budget. This ensures that the cameras can worn for the intended period, be monitored and managed remotely, preventing them from data loss due to poor connectivity, battery failure or interference. 

For more information on body camera use cases, please read our articles which discuss the trends, opportunities and challenges when deploying these technologies and services:

Body Cameras & The Need for Wireless Connectivity

Bodycam systems are clearly an important and growing part of lone worker safety, premise safety, security, and the safety compliance sectors. A bodycam’s SIM card connectivity is obviously a crucial part of any bodycam system. Given bodycams are portable, bodycam SIM cards are often and are effectively their communications lifeline. When resiliently connected, they provide a trusted way to alert alarm receiving centres of a potentially threatening situation and to provide video or audio support or evidence. They can also act as a deterrent and help deescalate situations or confrontations. Body cam SIM cards allow such camera devices to connect to the best available networks.

These connections are important for two reasons:

  • Firstly, it allows the bodycam device to use mobile networks as the primary method to send alerts to the monitoring service if there is an alarm event. 
  • Secondly, it can provide a secondary backup in case a primary Wi-Fi connection being lost or interrupted via local issues or site owner intervention. 

Our connectivity solutions, therefore, ensure that your devices are always able to stay connected and send and receive updates as required.

Bodycam SIM Cards for Emergency Use

We provide several IoT SIM options which cater for devices which utilise 2G, 3G, 4G and LTE type technologies needed for body cameras. The best option for your device and business evolution will require a consultative approach to find the best option that suits your needs. 

For example, Lone Worker Bodycams will need to comply with BS 8484 and the connectivity solution will need to mirror the service needs of the application and the device. 

The level of real-time streaming and docking back-up can obviously effect data aggregation needs. Some devices may also require a traditional 2G / 3G circuit voice connection, whereas others may seek to rely on 4G VoLTE networks or VoIP using secure routers.

VoLTE systems require more careful consideration as it is not available on all networks and may require a reduced multi network footprint to establish the resilience needed. 

VoIP using Wi-Fi, again needs a considered router solution that can maintain the security and reliability of the service.

Body Camera SIM Cards & Wi-Fi Routers

Critical connectivity also makes it possible for body cameras to receive data updates, enabling them to keep up to date with the latest security protocols. Body cameras that are connected to a network also open up new possibilities for sharing and accessing data, allowing for more efficient and streamlined data management. 

As body cameras continue to play an integral role in public safety, IoT network connectivity will become increasingly vital for their effective use. This not only means utilising SIM cards that ensure their geographical and temporal connectivity, but also the use of managed IoT routers that can serve secure and reliable Wi-Fi on business or organisation premises. For example, trains, buses, retail and construction sites.

Lone-Worker & Safety-Critical Body Camera Connectivity

If you work in the lone-worker, security, and monitoring industries, then you know that reliable connectivity is crucial for all devices, but also body camera. That’s why we offer multi-network bodycam sim card solutions so you can choose the best option for your types of data and voice usage. 

Our IoT SIM Cards and IoT connectivity solutions are the most secure and resilient available. This is made possible through a combination of our own systems and our MNO partner’s networks, platforms, and services. 

In addition, we also operate 24/7 data and call monitoring services to ensure the maximum uptime for these mission-critical devices.

BS8484: The Code of Practice for the Provision of Lone Worker Services

BS8484 places certain more stringent requirements on body camera hardware, firmware and their supporting infrastructure. It is essential that protocols, management structures and infrastructures are in place to ensure that lone workers have the means to contact alarm receiving centres timely, securely and that these communications are able to be escalated to the police or emergency services. Lone worker personal body camera systems need to be in a mini body camera format to enable freedom of movement [i.e. mini 1080p body camera systems], without excessively compromising security body camera video recording footage. Some forms of enable CCTV body camera livestreaming while other bodycamera provide night vision.

For more information on BS8484, Lone Worker Live, an industry organisation can provide you with more information and useful resources: What exactly is BS 8484 and why is it important? – Lone Worker Safety Live

Why is Multi-Network VoLTE Important for Body Camera Systems?

When it comes to ensuring the effectiveness and reliability of body camera systems, Multi-Network VoLTE plays a crucial role in any devices roadmap. By allowing devices to seamlessly switch between different networks, including 4G, and 5G, Multi-Network VoLTE ensures that crucial data and video footage captured by body cameras can be transmitted geo-resiliently, promptly and efficiently. This capability is essential in emergency situations where network coverage may vary, ensuring that critical evidence is always securely transmitted in real-time. Additionally, the use of Multi-Network VoLTE can also help to enhance the overall link performance and connectivity of body camera systems, providing peace of mind to users in any situation.

The current levels of availability for multi-network VoLTE systems for IoT applications are steadily increasing to meet the growing demands of the Internet of Things industry. With the continuous advancements in technology and the increasing number of MNOs interfacing multi-network VoLTE solutions to our roaming and partner systems, multi-network VoLTE is becoming a reality.

Highest Connection Uptime for the Industry-Leading Body Camera Systems

Compatible Body Cameras:

Not all body cameras support the use of IoT SIM cards, however, most modern ones will use some means of wireless or secure communications. If mobile communications are not supported, then this will generally be Wi-Fi. communication or a docking system that will need to be secured.

Some of the main body camera suppliers and systems that we are compliant with either via use of our IoT SIM cards or managed IoT Wi-Fi routers include.: (It is worth noting that some body cameras require a docking station which forms the upload mechanism and this requires secure connection to ensure data privacy).

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Our Connectivity Systems for Bodycams & Body Camera

If you’re looking for a reliable and experienced provider of IoT connectivity solutions for body cameras, then look no further than Caburn Telecom. We can provide you with the perfect solution for your needs, so contact us today to find out more.

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