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Flexible & Affordable Multi-Network Connectivity is a Must for Operators

With large and widely dispersed mobile assets, a key element of the solution is better cellular connectivity, with broader coverage and greater resilience.

This is where choice of communications partner becomes a critical success factor. Mobility scheme operators need to consider the total cost of ownership of their communications, including the effect it has on asset recovery and loss reduction.

Multi-network connectivity for tracking MaaS assets

Caburn strongly advocate the use of multi-network connectivity for keeping track of MaaS assets for two key reasons:

Coverage: No single network offers complete coverage of every part of a city or country, and limiting your assets to the cell sites of one operator can lead to some of them ending up lost in a backwater.

A multi-network profile on a SIM card will offer maximum geographical coverage.

Resilience: All networks and individual cell sites are susceptible to occasional outages, a multi-network SIM card profile lets your assets simply, and automatically switch to another network if this happens.

Given the scale involved with a successful MaaS scheme, operators should also take a good look at the functionality of the communications partner’s management platform, to ensure a good long term fit.

A powerful and simple to use platform should allow very large scale, widely dispersed fleets to be monitored from one page, regardless of network operator or country. Ideally this should enable the operator to manage by exception, knowing that they only need to focus on any assets behaving out of the normal parameters.

Reliable and Streamlined Asset Management

Caburn’s SIM-Insight management platform does exactly that, with over 800 operators in 190+ countries covered, and all assets visible on a single page, with API integration to allow fully automated operation. A final but important consideration for the MaaS operator is the manufacturing and distribution impact of the SIM partner. Caburn’s clients benefit from a single SKU that can be production line-fitted and tested, then held at no charge through the supply chain, before being activated anywhere in the world, to be billed centrally at a predetermined, predictable and cost effective rate.

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