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Taxi EPoS & Vehicle Telematics

Maximise Your Connectivity & Payments

Simple, Efficient, & Affordable Multi-Network Connectivity is a Must for Taxi Fleets

Poor network coverage can be a taxi driver’s worse nightmare. Simple, efficient, and affordable multi-network connectivity is, therefore, a must for taxi fleets.

Whether located in a busy city environment or a rural area, taxis need to maintain secure mobile connectivity to guarantee customer cashless fares are taken and to maintain service. Having a fleet of vehicles on the road, also means it is crucial to collect real-time data for monitoring each driver’s whereabouts. The position of taxi drivers can be detected based on its GPS coordinates sent via resilient mobile connections. Enabling better customer services to be provided and to help combat vehicle theft or misuse.

Secure IoT Connectivity Through our use of IoT SIM

Caburn Telecom provides secure IoT connectivity through our use of IoT SIM. If in an area of poor coverage on one network, or if an outage occurs on a mobile network, our multi-network SIMs will enable devices to automatically switch to another, ensuring you stay connected while on the road. We, therefore, provide the highest level of connectivity so that taxi drivers can maximise convenient card payments by customers. Our SIMs also allow the tracking of vehicles for security and to minimise violations; such as speeding or unnecessary cancelling of customer rides.

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Connected IoT/M2M Solutions Across all Sectors

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your SIM, IoT / M2M requirements or would like to learn more about our industry-leading secure and resilient SIM, IoT / M2M connectivity plans. We can also discuss any individual technical issues you may be encountering within your IoT / M2M deployments or from your existing SIM or connectivity supplier. This is, of course, on a no obligation basis.

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