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Resilient Connectivity for Commercial Vehicle Fleets

We are a leading provider of connectivity for vehicles and fleets. This includes major hauliers, logistic companies, commercial vehicles as well as taxi fleets. Our Telematics SIM Cards are used globally and by the major telematics companies. We also provide white label sim card(s) to resellers in the vehicle and telematics space together with access to our SIM management platform. Our management portals can be white labelled and branded by our channel customers. This provides the flexibility for customer brand sim cards to be promoted in this sector. Please contact us for a free SIM card test kit. For our full fleet management solutions for haulage, commercial vehicles, vehicle security and insurance, please click the link below:

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Geo-Resilient Network Coverage

Poor network coverage can be a taxi driver’s worse nightmare. Simple, efficient, and affordable multi-network connectivity is, therefore, a must for taxi fleets. Whether located in a busy city environment or a rural area, taxis need to maintain secure mobile connectivity to guarantee customer cashless fares are taken and to maintain service. Having a fleet of vehicles on the road, also means it is crucial to collect real-time data for monitoring each driver’s whereabouts. The position of taxi drivers can be detected based on its GPS coordinates sent via resilient mobile connections, GPS trackers or telematics devices powered by telematics sim cards. Enabling better customer services to be provided and to help combat vehicle theft or misuse.

Secure IoT Connectivity & Data SIM Card for Taxis & Cashless Payment Devices

Caburn Telecom provides secure IoT connectivity through our choice of IoT SIM CardsTelematics SIM Cards and Point of Sale SIM Cards. If in an area of poor coverage on one network, or if an outage occurs on a mobile network, our multi-network SIMs will enable devices to automatically switch to another, ensuring you stay connected while on the road. We, therefore, provide the highest level of connectivity so that taxi drivers can maximise convenient card payments by customers. Our IoT SIMs also allow the tracking of vehicles for security and to minimise violations; such as speeding or unnecessary cancelling of customer rides.

Resilient Point of Sale, Dashcam & Telematics Connectivity for Taxi Fleet

We are a leader in the provision of geographically resilient connectivity for Payment TerminalsVehicle Telematics and In-Vehicle Dash-Camera. Our IoT SIM cards are used in major vehicle fleets and payment terminal systems. For a high quality, flexible and affordable service, please contact our sales team to discuss our flexible plans.

Why Do Taxis & Taxi Fleets Need Wireless IoT Connectivity & IoT Routers?

The need for wireless IoT connectivity and IoT routers in the taxi industry is becoming increasingly critical. Taxis and taxi fleets rely heavily on efficient communication systems to provide a seamless and reliable service to their passengers. With the advent of IoT technology, the possibilities for enhancing the taxi experience are expanding. From real-time tracking to predictive maintenance, wireless IoT connectivity and IoT routers enable taxis and taxi fleets to operate at their optimum level, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free journey for both drivers and passengers alike.

Why are Multi Network SIMs needed for Taxi Payment Systems?

The need for efficient and reliable taxi payment systems has become more crucial than ever as contactless payments become the optimum method to pay for services. One solution to enhance the reliability of these systems is the use of Multi Network SIMs. These SIMs allow for seamless communication between the taxi payment device and the network provider, regardless of the network coverage in a particular area. This ensures that taxi drivers can always process transactions smoothly, even in remote or low network signal areas. With Multi Network SIMs, taxi payment systems can operate consistently, providing passengers with a convenient and hassle-free experience.

The Role of Vehicle Telematics Systems & Telematics SIM Cards in Taxi Fleet Management

Telematics systems have become increasingly important in the management of taxi fleets, providing real-time data on the locations and conditions of vehicles. With the use of telematics SIM cards, fleet managers can track the whereabouts of each taxi, monitor driver behaviour, and receive alerts for any maintenance issues. This level of connectivity allows for fleet tracking, improved efficiency, enhanced safety measures, and ultimately, a better overall customer experience. By utilising telematics technology, taxi fleet managers can streamline operations and make informed decisions to optimise their services through the use of telematics tracking systems, telematic registers and advanced data monitoring as well as advanced IoT applications such as environment monitoring and multi modal transport planning.

IoT Case Studies

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Caburn Telecom helped to give the RAC Telematics customers complete peace of mind, designing and deploying a reliable managed multi-network SIM solution.

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AppLocation improves signal security with Caburn Telecom connectivity. Roaming SIM card solution frees the company to introduce a new revenue stream.

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Caburn Telecom helped Spirit Healthcare expand the opportunities for its patient monitoring system CliniTouch, improving their quality of life for patients.

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