International Roaming

In-Zone - Regional Roaming

As IoT devices are distributed, released and move or travel, the ability to connect to the widest variety of mobile networks in a region or across borders, ensures services are not interrupted, while avoiding unexpected out of zone penalties.

Caburn Telecom, therefore, offer a range of plans that allow SIMs to be deployed and move within a series of expected regions or areas. This can be from specific countries, limited or wider groups of countries, to continental areas and broader global coverage.

Streamline Regional Deployment

The potential of the IoT to drive new business revenue has been recognised across every sector, and businesses of all sizes are developing connected technologies to transform their operations.

When it comes to device deployment however, many find they are penalised by local network operators for use beyond their national borders.

Not our customers: Caburn Telecom has created a range of simple flat tariffs on multiple networks operating across regions including Europe, Asia, Latin America and North America. This means borderless roaming, predictable costs and the freedom to maximise every opportunity.

Case Studies

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Scorpion Automotive

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