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IoT / M2M SIM Cards

Industry Leading IoT SIM Card

Highest Quality M2M IoT SIM Cards

Caburn Telecom’s fully managed global IoT SIM cards offer instant access to six hundred networks across more than two hundred countries. Discover a cost-effective IoT solution and enjoy secure, reliable connectivity with maximum uptime.

Our durable and long-lasting IoT SIMs offer maximum uptime for business and mission-critical applications, with simple and fast setup times due to our SIM Management portal. This makes them the perfect choice for permanent, global, and highly scaled deployments.

What is a Caburn Telecom IoT SIM Card?

Whether your IoT solution requires 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, NB-IoT, LTE-M, or eUICC IoT SIM cards – we have got all your connectivity needs covered.

We can readily tailor an IoT SIM card and connectivity solution to meet your business needs, including seamless network access, custom roaming plans, and all UICC and eUICC SIM form factors, including:

  • Mini SIM card (2FF); [UICC & eUICC standards]
  • Micro SIM card (3FF); [UICC & eUICC standards]
  • Nano SIM card (4FF); [UICC & eUICC standards]
  • Both Standard SIM and Industrial SIM versions of SIM-On-Chip (MFF2 embedded);
    [UICC & eUICC standards]

Discover Maximum Up-Time from Our Global IoT SIM Cards

With Caburn Telecom’s scalable global Internet of Things SIM cards, you can experience maximum uptime for safety, business, and mission-critical applications.

From cost-effective international roaming to reliable performance, our global connectivity solutions offer the flexibility and peace of mind that only a fully managed service can provide.

Discover all the features of our full suite of services today and start your IoT journey with Caburn Telecom.

Benefits of our IoT SIM Cards

Unlike consumer SIM cards made for smart phones, our ‘pure’ IoT SIMs are designed to send and receive data and text, although we also provide IoT SIM card solutions to receive voice calls for voice IoT applications such as telecare and lift alarm panels.

Geo-Resilience & Geo-Redundancy

The innovative and geo-redundant capabilities of our cost-effective, non-steered IoT SIM cards allow for varied use cases across a range of industries with maximum uptime. We only support the highest quality networks to ensure key nodes are geo-resilient, have built in capacity and provide the maximum geographic reach.

IoT SIM Cards - All Form Factors including eSIM

Caburn Telecom’s IoT SIM card solutions provide everything you need for an effective IoT operation. With seamless device-to-device installation, set up and operation, our SIMs are designed to fit any existing or new IoT device. This allows us to tailor your connectivity solution to your business needs via our operator agreements and sophisticated SIM management platform.

Integrated with the Best Carrier Networks

With IoT roaming agreement access to over 600 networks worldwide, our integrated non-steered IoT SIM cards are designed to provide maximum uptime for any project, no matter the size or scope. With access to the latest 5G and IoT networks, you can be sure that your IoT solution will stay connected no matter where it is located or moves to.

Multi-network, High Data and Dual SIM options

Our IoT SIM solutions are designed with operating efficiency, affordability, and cost management at the forefront of mind. That is why we offer a range of multi-network, high data and dual-SIM options and solutions to ensure that your IoT solution can stay connected, cost-effectively, even in the most challenging environments and use cases.

Keep Your Data Protected and Secure

As with any IoT operation, having optimal security is paramount. That is why we have developed our IoT SIM cards with the latest in security technologies to ensure that your data is always protected and secure. With our encrypted communication solutions, you can always trust that the communicated data on your IoT or M2M devices is safe via GSM encryption, and if needed our VPN tunnelling solutions.

Connectivity Management Platform and Portals

Our platform and customer connectivity portals provide actionable insights into the performance of your connected devices. Allowing you to make more informed decisions about your IoT operation. Our systems are designed to enable predictive analytics for cost and performance, and can also be configured for warnings, alerts and alarms for out-of-bounds traffic and usage. From this single pane of glass, you can view and manage your connectivity needs and costs as well as administering your IoT SIM card estate.

Real-Time Monitoring Service

Caburn Telecom’s IoT SIM card service comes with a bespoke real-time network monitoring service. This involves an array of regional, automatic network testing devices, core network monitoring systems and ticketing systems with the core network operators. This means that you are always informed of any regional network issues and can keep track of your connectivity performance. This is a key reason our IoT SIMs and associated managed services are highly recommended by our customers.

Dedicated Expert Support

We understand that bringing an IoT solution to life can be an expensive, complex and time-consuming process. That is why we provide a dedicated customer support team to help you through the entire process. This includes connectivity planning, SIM card selection, manufacture, field setup and post-deployment review and analytics. Our expert team of engineers are always on hand to answer any queries you may have about our IoT SIM cards or your connected devices.

A Consultative Approach

At Caburn Telecom, we are committed to providing the best value for our customers. That is why we offer competitively priced IoT SIM cards and connectivity plans that are designed to meet your project’s demands and ensure your operation is cost-effective and profitable. Deploying IoT SIM card estates is a critical decision, so it is important to select a trusted partner to work with through the growth stages and scaling of the IoT business.

Learn More About the World of IoT

Discover useful resources and insights on our blog for an in-depth look at the Internet of Things industry and how you can get started making the most out of your IoT solution. We provide IoT SIM Card UK configured solutions, as well as for the EU, Middle East, USA and North America, Africa, Asia, as well as those countries where a native SIM profile is required such as in Brazil, Australia, and Turkey.

Case Studies

Discover useful resources and insights on our blog for an in-depth look at the Internet of Things industry and how you can get started making the most out of your IoT solution.

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Seguirincat Case study, image.


Project type: Connected security and alarm systems for commercial and domestic customers. Location:...

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Talk To Our IoT Experts

The IoT industry, devices and connectivity can be a complex area to navigate. That is why our team of experts are always on hand to provide advice and support to anyone looking to get started with an IoT solution or develop their service.

Find out more about how IoT connectivity can benefit your business and contact our experts today.

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