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Critical IoT Connectivity

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Our resilient IoT SIMs ensure high uptime for crucial business and IoT applications. They provide quick setup and advanced ongoing management through our scalable SIM card portal, making them ideal for large-scale or global IoT projects. 

We utilise the most reliable IoT roaming infrastructure and partners for data security and service reliability in various critical IoT applications such as Vehicles, Telematics, Payment Terminals, CCTV, ANPR cameras, EV charging Infrastructure, and Telecare Alarms

Caburn Telecom provides a range of intelligent global IoT SIM cards with access to over 600 networks in 200+ countries. Discover a high-quality, cost-effective IoT connectivity solution partner for secure and reliable connectivity with maximum service.

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Secure, Resilient & Fully Managed UICC, eSIM & eUICC IoT SIMs

We offer a comprehensive range of fully managed Internet of Things (IoT) SIM solutions for all IoT Devices & Applications. This covers a variety of options, including, eUICC, traditional plastic IoT SIMs, multi-IMSI, international roaming, and single network communication plans. With our IoT SIM card and connectivity management platform and portals, you can have complete control over your IoT network and have a clear view of your SIM estate, connectivity, and costs. This also enables remote provisioning of IoT eUICC to our GSMA compliant IoT SIM Cards.

Key Features of our IoT SIM Cards:

Benefits of our IoT SIM Cards & IoT Connectivity Solutions

Our IoT SIMs are specifically designed for industrial and business purposes, distinguishing them from consumer SIM cards used in smart phones. Unlike smartphones, IoT devices operate independently and require remote management. It is crucial that IoT devices are properly provisioned with the appropriate APN and communications plan. Additionally, our flexible managed service allows for adjustments as device requirements evolve. We also offer continuous monitoring to maintain a high level of connectivity, ensuring reliable services for IoT devices.

Our IoT SIM cards facilitate data and text communication for IoT devices. Additionally, we offer IoT SIM card solutions for voice IoT applications like telecare and lift alarm panels. Our IoT SIM cards are specifically designed to ensure the required predictability and reliability for IoT devices and their ecosystems by leveraging the finest core network infrastructure.

IoT SIM Card Management Services

We offer an advanced system and portal service that offers total clarity and analysis of your usage, performance, and costs. This allows you to oversee your IoT SIMs and the connectivity of your IoT devices. Our platform and customer connectivity portals offer practical insights into the functioning of your connected IoT devices. This empowers you to make well-informed choices regarding your IoT operation.

Our systems facilitate predictive analytics regarding cost and performance. Additionally, they can be set up to issue warnings, alerts, and alarms for traffic and usage that exceed acceptable limits. Through a centralized interface, you are able to monitor and control your connectivity requirements and expenses. Furthermore, you can administer your estate of IoT SIM cards. Further information about our platforms for managing IoT SIMs can be found here: IoT SIM Management Platform and Portals.

eUICC IoT Connectivity Solutions

Our eUICC IoT SIM cards offer a worldwide multi-network starting point, which can be combined with other multi-network or single-network IMSI profiles to enable affordable regional roaming. It is worth mentioning that each IMSI profile incurs additional charges for the IoT SIM card, making it crucial to consider the delivery and operational requirements of the IoT devices. Authorized profiles can be remotely managed and applied flexibly as needed.

Single, Global IoT eUICC SKU for Manufacture

Our eUICC and eSIM solutions allow for IoT devices to be distributed as a single, standard manufacturing unit or SKU. We offer various roaming profiles that can be activated based on the IoT device’s region or location. Please learn more about our eUICC IoT SIM cards and managed services here: eUICC / eSIM Solutions for Global IoT Applications.

Multi-Network IoT SIMs: High-Data, Low Data & M2M Applications

Our IoT SIM solutions prioritize efficiency and cost management by offering a range of options such as multi-network, high data, machine-to-machine, multi-IMSI, dual-SIM, and satellite solutions for your IoT devices. This ensures your IoT devices, deployments, and solutions can remain connected and cost-effective even in demanding environments and use cases.

Geo-Resilient & Geo-Redundant IoT Networks

Our affordable and technologically advanced IoT SIM cards offer diverse applications in various industries, ensuring minimal downtime. We prioritize high-quality local and core networks that are resilient to geographical challenges, possess ample capacity, and offer extensive coverage. Our trusted providers seamlessly integrate with our IoT SIM card management platforms and support systems.

All SIM Form Factors Supported

We can easily customize an IoT SIM card and connectivity solution to suit your business requirements. This includes smooth network access, personalized roaming plans, and a range of UICC and eUICC SIM form factors. Kindly refer to the following summary list of our available form factors:

Available Form Factors for our IoT SIMs:

  • Mini SIM Card (2FF); UICC & eUICC 
  • Micro SIM card (3FF); UICC & eUICC 
  • Nano SIM card (4FF); UICC & eUICC
  • Trio or Combi IoT SIMs
  • Standard and Industrial embedded MFF2; UICC & eUICC
  • Data and Managed Real-Time Voice IoT SIM cards (see Caburn Connect below)
  • LTE-M & NB-IoT SIMs
  • Data and Managed IoT VoLTE 

Industrial & Automotive IoT SIM Cards

We offer IoT Chip SIMs specifically designed for use in rugged or highly vibrating environments and can be directly integrated into IoT device hardware. Caburn Telecom is a prominent supplier of automotive IoT SIM cards and directly provides our IoT SIMs to vehicle manufacturers and OEMs. Automotive and Industrial IoT SIMs are occasionally classified as a unique form of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) SIM card. They are specifically developed SIMs that are suitable for the most demanding situations in the automotive and industrial sectors. These SIMs possess advanced qualities that guarantee dependable connections in difficult settings. A significant distinction exists in their sturdiness and endurance, as they are constructed to endure challenging operational situations like extreme temperatures, vibrations, and contact with dust and moisture.

IoT SIM Card(s) for Safety-Critical 2-Way Voice Communications

Telecare and lone worker IoT SIM cards are unique due to their special features and functionalities, tailored for the specific needs of telecare and lone worker applications. Telecare IoT SIM cards are specifically designed to assist with remote monitoring and emergency response for individuals requiring constant supervision or medical help. They also cater to those in isolated or high-risk settings, offering dependable connectivity and emergency support.

The main distinction is in their ability to provide live tracking, immediate alerts, and two-way voice communication, crucial for the protection of telecare patients and lone workers. These IoT SIM cards are customised for the needs of these sectors, ensuring reliability and effectiveness in delivering care and protecting vulnerable individuals. To see our Safety-Critical IoT SIM cards for Telecare and Lone Worker Applications, click the link below:

Dual-Core IoT SIM Options

Certain IoT devices feature two SIM card slots for ultimate reliability and versatility. Examples include IoT routers, IoT gateways,  retail terminals, and mobile payment systems. We provide primary and secondary IoT SIM cards with separate roaming infrastructure for dual-core network resilience. Our IoT data plans offer a cost-effective dual SIM option where management of both SIM cards is performed through our IoT SIM Management Platform.

Maximum Service Up-Time

Caburn Telecom offers scalable IoT SIM cards for safety, business, and critical applications, ensuring maximum uptime. Our global networks are monitored for resilience and anomalies, providing reliable performance, international roaming, and multi-IMSI eUICC for flexibility and ongoing peace of mind. If you require multi-network capability for vehicle monitoring or a single SKU that can tackle permanent roaming problems at production, we can assist with your IoT connectivity issues.

Integrated with the Best Local and International Carrier Networks

Utilising IoT international multi network roaming agreements, our non-steered multi network IoT SIM cards grant access to 600 networks globally, ensuring high uptime for all projects. We partner with top mobile and IoT Network providers via our dedicated IoT APN infrastructure for security, resilience, and future technical advancements.

Our range of IoT roaming agreements cover eUICC bootstrap, local and global profiles, multi-network voice, NB-IoT and LTE-M. Accessing up-to-date LTE, 5G and core IoT networks ensures your IoT solution remains connected wherever it is situated or relocates. For examples of our IoT SIM card success stories, click the link below:

Keep Your IoT Device Data Protected & Secure

Security is crucial in IoT operations. Our IoT SIM cards are equipped with advanced security technologies to protect your data. Our encrypted communication solutions ensure data safety on IoT and M2M devices through GSM encryption, IoT APN, IoT VPN, and IPsec tunnelling. Learn more about our security features here:

Easy Initial Set Up & Management

Caburn Telecom’s IoT SIM cards offer a complete solution for efficient IoT operations. Our SIMs are easy to install and operate across various devices, tailored to suit your business needs through operator agreements and a sophisticated management platform.

Our IoT SIM cards can activate or suspend in devices after free test data is used, reducing costs. We offer 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, NB-IoT, LTE-M, or eUICC SIM cards for all your connectivity needs.

Dedicated Expert IoT Network Support

We know that developing an IoT project can be costly, intricate, and time-consuming. Therefore, we offer a skilled customer support team to guide you every step of the way. This covers planning for connectivity, choosing IoT SIM cards, production, on-site setup, and reviewing and analysing post-deployment performance. Our team of experienced engineers are ready to assist with any questions you may have about our IoT SIM cards or your connected devices.

Our IoT SIM Management platform lets you order additional IoT SIM cards, track network status, and oversee queries. We aim to offer a responsive, auditable, and communicative service to meet your IoT connectivity requirements efficiently. Learn more about our support services here:

Real-Time IoT Network Traffic & IoT SIM Card Monitoring

Caburn Telecom offers IoT SIM cards with in-house developed real-time network monitoring systems. This includes regional testing devices, core network monitoring, and rapid communication with network operators. Stay updated on network issues and connectivity performance with our customer recommended IoT SIMs and managed services.

Learn More About the World of IoT

Explore our blog and articles for valuable insights into the Internet of Things sector and how to maximise your IoT solution. We offer tailored IoT SIM Card solutions for the UK, EU, Middle East, USA, North America, Africa, and Asia, as well as countries like Brazil, Australia, and Turkey that require a native SIM profile. Let us assist you in optimising your IoT devices for optimal resilience, scalability, and smooth mobile communication. Please visit our resources page for more detailed IoT articles. See quick links below for a selection

A Consultative Approach to IoT

At Caburn Telecom, we aim to offer excellent value to our clients by providing affordable IoT SIM cards and connectivity plans tailored to meet project needs, ensuring cost-efficiency and profitability.

Your Future Proofed Partner for IoT SIMs

Rolling out IoT SIM card fleets is a crucial choice, thus it’s vital to choose a reliable ally for backing during the expansion and expansion of the IoT enterprise. With our expertise in IoT technology, IoT systems and IoT devices, you’ll have a valuable tech-savvy and adaptable business associate for both the present and future.

Start Your IoT Project with Caburn Telecom

Explore our comprehensive range of IoT connectivity services at Caburn Telecom to kickstart your IoT journey. Our collection of IoT SIM cards from top providers is overseen through our powerful internal systems, giving you transparent access to your account.

Global, Regional & Native UICC & eUICC IoT Connectivity

Our industry leading IoT connectivity solutions!

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