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Buildings & Facilities Management

Our connectivity solutions and range of IoT SIM cards are ideal for providing building management services. This can include simple tracking of valuable assets, compliance equipment, or the deployment of more extensive smart home gateways and monitoring systems. 

For more information about our IoT router and gateway IoT SIM card solutions, please click here: IoT SIM Cards and IoT Routers. For more information on our managed router services, please click here: Fully Managed IoT Routers. For more general information, please read our articles on IoT Routers and IoT Gateways.

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Do IoT Devices Need IoT SIM Cards or IoT Routers: Instead of Connecting via 3rd Party, Local, Corporate or Office Networks?

The Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionized the way we connect and communicate. Many 3rd party serviced IoT devices, however, are not allowed to connect to local corporate networks as they provide an unknown in terms of the network security.

With numerous devices now being part of this interconnected ecosystem, it has become crucial for IoT devices to have their own dedicated IoT SIM cards or routers instead of relying on 3rd party local corporate networks.

This is primarily due to the unique requirements and challenges that IoT devices face, which necessitate a more reliable and secure connectivity solution. By utilizing IoT SIM cards or routers, these devices can enjoy seamless and uninterrupted connectivity, ensuring efficient data transmission and enabling them to perform their intended functions effectively.

Additionally, having dedicated IoT connectivity allows for better control over network performance, bandwidth, and security, ensuring a more robust and reliable IoT infrastructure.

So, whether it’s a smart home device or an industrial sensor, opting for dedicated IoT connectivity solutions like SIM cards or routers is undoubtedly the way forward.

Secured In-Building Network Connectivity

Powered by Caburn Telecom connectivity, local hubs/gateways or sensors can aggregate environmental or building management information and help drive local devices or safety alarms. 

It is crucial that these connectivity solutions ensure that smart gateways, edge devices and routers are able to send and receive data securely, and be managed remotely. Caburn Telecom provide the networks that ensure that this is achieved smoothly and seamlessly, Our VPN and IPsec solutions provide the extra assurance to gateway operators and their clients.

Independent Connectivity From Local & Corporate Networks

Our connectivity solutions mean that devices can connect independently and autonomously of local, corporate and private networks, which is less intrusive for the owner/occupier and will not interfere with their systems.

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Project type: Connected security and alarm systems for commercial and domestic customers. Location:...

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Connected IoT/M2M Solutions Across all Sectors

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your IoT SIM or M2M requirements or would like to learn more about our industry-leading secure and resilient IoT / M2M connectivity plans. We can also discuss any individual technical issues you may be encountering within your IoT / M2M deployments or from your existing SIM or connectivity supplier. This is, of course, on a no obligation basis.

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