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Mobile IoT Connectivity for Digital Advertising Boards & Kiosks

Digital advertising is now a ubiquitous method of attracting and communicating with consumers. An array of boards and displays are available for the variety of forms of installation and their wider environments. Digital advertising also blends through to information or order fulfilment via the use of interactive kiosks. A fundamental part of the customer experience, processes, convenience and infrastructure of most fast-food restaurants, transport ticketing, customer service pods, cinemas and tourist attractions. Both forms of communication require fresh content to be downloaded remotely or in the case of kiosks; the ability to communicate online, either to information services or for the authorisation and completion of online orders. Content needs to be relevant, contextual and timely, whereas information exploring (and order fulfilment) must be transacted efficiently and in real time to avoid customer frustration, cancellation or queue formation.

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Connecting Display Boards & Kiosks

Display boards and kiosks are usually located in places with high expected footfall or traffic or on site in retail premises. They can be outdoor, located at high elevated positions for maximum viewability, on bus stops or rail stations or indoor and located in hard to install areas with hard floors or carpeting. Each presents challenges in terms of weather sealing and protection, vandal resistance, misuse, fraudulent activity and optimum footprint and concealment or disguising of key modules or connection points. 

This presents a range of challenges. For example, many of these types of services will require significant ground works and therefore the possibility of installing fixed line communications. This is not possible for every location, however, and mobile communications are often viewed as a more cost-effective option. The affordability of professional mobile IoT network services now means that this is a highly desirable primary or secondary option for retailers.

We provide IoT SIM card and IoT Router solutions for your needs. Our routers can be powered by our dual-core multi network IoT SIM Cards for extra resilience if needed. Both cards managed by our sophisticated, but easy to use IoT SIM Management Platform.

Advertising as a Service

For those who are providing the advertising as a service, the use of mobile connectivity also provides independence from local infrastructure and the ability to communicate at will with their assets. This is important as changes to local firewall or routers on uncontrolled hardware, routers or networks could render their assets uncommunicable. 

The availability of cloud infrastructure and VPN on MVNO IoT networks also means that service providers can secure their connections and integrity of their data. The display board assets can be securely connected using fixed IP connections which mean that they can only be accessed by authorised users remotely for either maintenance works or remote updates. 

These systems can also allow communications with third party end points including merchant services (which are clearly required for authorising transactions on interactive kiosks). Most often this is provided via end-to-end encryption from payment devices to the merchant for added levels of security.

More Information:

Many advertising displays and kiosks will utilise local networks, which can also include Wi-Fi. For more information on router and IoT gateway connectivity solutions, please read our guide here.

For more information on financial critical Point-of-Sale connectivity, please read hereFor more general information on IoT devices and SIM cards, please read: A guide to IoT Connectivity and IoT SIM Cards – Caburn Telecom

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