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Multi-Network Operation

Our multi-network SIM cards let your devices use the best available network at all times. This maximises the area from which your devices can get connected and the resilience of the connection.

Improved In-Country Coverage

Connectivity is a critical element in IoT. All single networks have coverage limits, few, if any, alone offer truly comprehensive geographical coverage of any country.

Non-steered multi-network SIM cards from Caburn Telecom overcome these challenges and let your devices connect wherever the signal is available.

Consumer mobile phones typically remain connected to one network. By employing commercial roaming agreements and investing in interfacing systems and technologies, however, we can deliver multinetwork capability for IoT devices. Allowing them to connect to the most favourable network based upon their local, physical, geographical, or temporal circumstances. Using the existing GSM mobile network infrastructure in this way, underpins many key public and commercial IoT services. Providing the ubiquitous access needed for those devices. These devices, however, need to be able to authenticate themselves on the various mobile networks and their location registers. A managed SIM card with robust connectivity plans will, therefore, enable its associated IoT device to connect to multiple networks, providing resilience, flexibility, and service performance.

Resilient & Reliable Connectivity

Cellular network coverage is not static and can be affected by usage of traffic, buildings, even the weather.

This means that site surveys can be misleading as they are a time-bound snapshot of network availability.

Caburn Telecom multi-network SIMs enable our customers’ devices to immediately switch to the best alternative network if the original connection is lost.

Trusted Global Supply Partner

Many of our customers have their device manufactured in China and South East Asia.

To enable streamlined global supply chains like this, we regularly ship 10,000 + SIMs at a time to be line-fitted, tested and shipped to the USA, Europe or elsewhere.

Case Studies

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Spirit Healthcare Caburn case study

Spirit healthcare

Spirit healthcare - Working in partnership to develop a connectivity service that provides strong geographical coverage and cross-network resilience.

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Seguirincat Case study, image.


Project type: Connected security and alarm systems for commercial and domestic customers. Location: Tarragona, Spain Challenge: Maintaining vital links between alarm...

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Scorpion Automotive IoT connectivity and SIM management case study image

Scorpion Automotive

Scorpion Automotive is a designer of alarms, immobilisers and telematics systems for the automotive industry. Caburn Telecom provided a Multi-network SIM...

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