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IoT Multi Network SIM Cards


Always stay Connected

Connect IoT Devices to Multiple Local Mobile Network Operators

Our UICC and eUICC SIM cards enable devices to always connect to the best local network, expanding connectivity across different geographies and countries. This ensures a resilient connection for IoT devices, crucial for uninterrupted operation without the need for user intervention due to coverage limitations or outages in single MNO networks.

Multinetwork and geo-redundant infrastructure are essential for the reliability of IoT devices and associated services. Operating multiple network services requires investing in and upkeeping superior core networks. Caburn Telecom and partners ensure high operational network quality through geo-redundancy and continuous monitoring.

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Network Agnostic, Non-Steered Multi Network IoT SIM Cards

Caburn Telecom’s non-steered multi-network IoT SIM cards assist in tackling issues with coverage and network reliability. These SIM cards enable devices to connect to the strongest signal or data network without being restricted to a specific MNO network.

It is far better that IoT devices are freely able to connect to whichever network the device selects based upon its firmware and hardware parameters and logic. This ensures the greatest possibility for an IoT device to find and communicate via a mobile radio network. 

Enabling IoT devices to independently link up with the most suitable radio network according to their specific local, physical, geographical, or time-related conditions, allows for greater flexibility as they can switch to alternative networks in case of congestion or failure of their usual network.

Multi Network IoT Roaming Network Agreements

In contrast to standard mobile phones that usually stick to one network, we use extended commercial IoT roaming agreements and invest in systems to enable seamless multi-network connectivity for your IoT devices. A managed IoT SIM card with durable connectivity plans allows the connected IoT device to access any local mobile network, offering added resilience, flexibility, and improved service quality. We offer top-tier IoT SIM card solutions that prioritise secure data communication on top-tier core IoT roaming networks.

Resilient & Reliable IoT Connectivity

Mobile network coverage is dynamic and can vary due to factors like traffic, buildings, and weather. Site surveys may not always accurately reflect network availability. Caburn Telecom’s multi-network SIMs allow devices to switch to a better network instantly if the current one is unavailable or too weak.

Our versatile SIM cards can connect to any local network without steering, ensuring IoT devices have the best connection options. Multi-IMSI, multi-network SIM cards offer multiple routing infrastructures for maximum network reliability.

Multiple Levels of Local MNO Coverage, by Number of Local Networks and by Region

Caburn Telecom’s range of communication plans offers customers the flexibility to choose their desired level of local MNO coverage both by the number of networks available and by region. With options to select plans that cater to specific regions or multiple networks for enhanced coverage, customers can tailor their communication package to suit their individual needs. This bespoke approach ensures that customers have access to reliable and comprehensive network coverage wherever they are, giving them peace of mind and the ability to stay connected at all times.

Caburn Telecom: Multi-Network SIM Cards

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