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Highest Quality IoT SIM Cards

Industry-leading IoT connectivity solutions across all sectors.

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We are trusted by hundreds of customers globally to provide geo-critical, business-critical, and mission-critical mobile data SIM cards for every IoT challenge.

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IoT Connectivity Affects Every Industry


IoT is changing the way digital health and care monitoring is conducted, improving the quality of care and life.


From supply chain monitoring to secure payments on EPOS terminals, IoT is improving the efficiency of retail operations.


Resilient multi-network and high-data solutions for the security and monitoring industry.

Lone Working

Ensuring vital connections for vulnerable lone workers and their backup teams.

Fleet Management

Cost-effective solutions for fleet connectivity allow for a complete overview of your fleet, even in remote areas.


Attract and communicate with customers through relevant, contextual and timely information in real time.

Our Trusted Partners

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Whether it’s a single-network, multi-network, discrete path dual-SIM or multi-IMSI solution your operation needs, we will find the right IoT/M2M solution for you and ensure maximum uptime.

We provide a full range of regional options and plans for providing cost-effective international roaming, including ChipSIM and eSIM options.

Discover more about IoT and find the right solution for your operation by contacting the Caburn Telecom team today.

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