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IoT SIM Card & Connectivity Management Portals

Easily manage your IoT SIM Cards and M2M SIMs with our advanced yet user-friendly IoT SIM card management platform. With the Caburn SIM Management Platform, managing your IoT SIMs is simple. Our user-friendly interface allows you to efficiently manage, monitor, analyse, and report on all your IoT SIM cards from various providers on one convenient platform and portal.

Enterprise & Corporate-Class IoT Connectivity Management

Caburn Telecom’s connectivity management platform and simple web portal gives access to a powerful and highly sophisticated IoT SIM card management system. It enables the viewing, managing, controlling and reporting of the connectivity status and usage levels of every SIM in your estate or fleet. You can also provide this service to your customers and distributors via our simple, white-labelled series of portal interfaces and defined user levels. Our SIM Management System and portal provides an easy-to-use, enterprise-class IoT management platform for our clients.

Through our SIM management services, we help customers assure their real-time critical day-to-day operational connectivity of devices. Providing immediate visibility of a device’s connectivity status and usage. Clients can explore, view, control and manage entire, dispersed populations of SIMs in real-time, via a straightforward interface. The system provides a complex and powerful set of editable functions and API. Forward-looking management is instituted by calculating predictive data. Forming part of configurable usage warnings and alarms. Auditable and historical information are represented for more detailed analysis and for viewing trends. 

Developed to Meet Your IoT Needs

Our easy-to-use, enterprise-class IoT SIM management platform has been developed over many years in response to working closely with our customer’s and understanding their needs. The system allows us and them to effectively, efficiently and securely manage the connectivity of their dispersed, mobile and static IoT devices.

The SIM management platform provides a SIM management tool that can manage connectivity from multiple operators. This includes devices with dual SIM or multiple SIMs in each device or deployed across the estate. Data plans and groups can be redesigned and data usage monitored for optimum cost and aggregation performance. SIM usage history can be analysed and exported if needed. Contact us for a free IoT starter pack and access to our management portal to see the power of our system.

Simplified IoT Operational Management

Whatever the scale of your estate, it is essential to know every individual device is connected and working as it should. Fortunately, our unique management portal allows you to view the performance of every single device’s SIM on a one-page dashboard. Auditable and historical information is also presented for more detailed examination for the analysis of trends.

Visibility, Easy Control & Actionable Insights

The Caburn IoT SIM Management platform and our client portals provide granular level information right down to when and where each individual SIM was connected and how much data was used. This allows you to look for patterns. It also allows you to troubleshoot IoT devices  and eliminate or implicate the mobile connection as a potential cause for concern. This can be extremely important and helpful in speeding up the diagnosis and fix of IoT device issues.

Cost Information & Usage Forecasts

The Caburn IoT SIM Management Platform provides highly sophisticated actual and forecast usage metrics for each month. This allows monthly costs to be controlled and usage and cost warnings to be set up at your pleasure. Specific alarms and automatic shutdown of IoT SIM cards can also be configured as per your requirements.

Customers can therefore manage groups of devices by alarm/exception, avoiding the shock of end-of-month bills or unexpected costs. Device groups or individual SIM cards can be viewed, explored, managed and controlled in real-time via a straightforward interface. Providing immediate visibility of a SIM’s status or usage history.

Simply Integrate Your Systems & Control SIMs via Automatic APIs

The Caburn IoT SIM card management platform supports a series of API Interfaces that enable integration with our client’s systems. Amongst many other features, they mean that your systems can be used to activate or suspend SIMs automatically. For example, by scanning a QR code on the IoT device.

Fully Integrated with Major MNO Providers

These systems require Caburn Telecom to manage a complex series of live and dynamic system interfaces with network providers. Forming the basis of many support and network traffic analysis functions that are inbuilt to our systems. We use them to monitor network activity, read CDRs, and control IoT SIM statuses. 

Easy to Use & Export Data

Understandably, IoT projects and managing devices connectivity can be highly complex. Caburn Telecom’s systems are designed to make these processes as simple as possible. The customer portal uses a highly-intuitive web-interface. Providing an easily accessible GUI for viewing, analysing and managing SIM populations. The portal allows data Import and export via office tools such as spread-sheets. Clickable links, screens layouts, step-by-step graphics, help screens and reminders direct and provide live updates. Error messages help guide users, while the Caburn Telecom support team can help should you encounter difficulties.

Multi-Level Distributor Management & Branding

IoT service providers often operate within dynamic value chains. Distributors or end-customers may need to be given access to limited SIM management functions. Different forms of access and portal branding are therefore supported by Caburn Telecom’s SIM management systems.

Hierarchical Account Roles can be assigned for accessing subsets of the system’s features. Sub-distributors, however, remain controlled by the parent distributor account. SIMs or groups of SIMs can be controlled or transferred between sub-distributors as required. Available user types are; Administrator; PowerUser; Customer Operator; Customer User; & SMSOnly. Administrators can view an inventory of all users assigned to the account. Providing information on; user names, user roles, user options, registered emails, who is logged-in, last activity and whether anyone is locked out. Existing accounts can be modified to; update email addresses, reset passwords, select customer restrictions and specify user roles and options. New accounts can also be added and old ones deleted.

To provide a more seamless interface, client’s web portal access can be re-branded with distributors, sub-distributor’s and end-customer’s headers and logos. Images in .png, .jpg and .gif format can be imported to replace the standard‘ Caburn Insight’ portal branding. If no Banner image is uploaded for a sub-distributor or customer, the image set from the next level-up distributor is instead used.

Suspend or Deactivate SIMs if Unusual or Unexpected Device Activity Detected

Our system enables you to manage by exception. Problem devices are flagged and  the system automatically raises warnings and alerts which you can configure to your own needs. Using our IoT SIM management platform, we can identify devices operating outside defined business rules, enabling you to locate and correct any anomalies. Any emerging cost issues can also be remedied immediately. For example, regional tariffs can be changed to match a SIM’s new location or data limits adjusted when high use is indicated or predicted. Individual SIMs, subgroups or entire estates can be suspended or deactivated instantly. 

If you are too busy to manage your IoT SIM cards, our support team are always available to action your requests. You can contact us with simple requests and they will implement and confirm the actions on the system for you.

IoT SIM Management Architecture

Caburn Telecom’s systems are developed to provide IoT service providers (and if desired your clients) with complete visibility and control of your SIM populations. Our simple web portal gives access to a powerful and highly- sophisticated management system. Enabling the viewing, controlling and reporting of the connectivity status or usage levels of individual as well as searchable and definable groups of SIMs. 

This requires Caburn Telecom to manage a complex series of live and dynamic system interfaces. Our systems allow actual usage to be viewed in real-time. The Caburn Telecom system also provides highly sophisticated actual and forecast usage functions. Caburn Telecom’s systems are ideal for those applications that require either; high levels of geographical coverage, safety/critical assurance, system resilience or quality of service. 

Advanced Network Warnings

Users of the Caburn Telecom Insight system and Status Site are provided with advance status warnings of any core networks maintenance plans. This is provided through automated email and advises risks of potential service degradation or network unavailability. Users can set the level of service risk which they wish to be notified/informed at.

Management via SIM Groups

The Caburn IoT SIM Management System provides a complex and powerful series of viewable/editable functions. The system records SIM types and groups, their network configuration and fundamental specification. While individual SIMs can have their own levels, to aid their management they are usually organised into groups. Normally, it is helpful if usage/traffic is aggregated across a SIM group. This means high usage bursts by individual SIMs are absorbed across the group. Provided usage remain within the aggregated allowance, additional charges are therefore avoided.

These groups provide a unique series of pre-configured
common operational parameters for SIMs, including; tariff-groups, functional-states, regional roaming settings, bundle-allowances, tariff definitions, high-usage alert-levels & cut-off limits. Customers therefore don’t need to set and manage parameters for every SIM, but instead can place them into or move them between appropriate groups. This is important as devices/SIMs typically move between various functional states. These SIM groups can be analysed by clicking on them. SIMs included within the group and their attributes can then be viewed in more detail.

SIM Operational Status: Manual or Auto Activation

SIMs can be placed in a number of states to save costs. For example, new SIMs can be placed in a ‘pending’ status where they do not connect to the network. Once the factory testing provision is exceeded, the SIM can be placed in the ‘automatic activation group’. SIMs alternatively can be manually activated remotely by using the Caburn Insight System when needed. Similarly, SIMs or groups of SIMs can be hibernated or suspended at any time.

Geographical Reporting

The system allows users to check which geographical roaming/ charging areas and countries are included in each tariffing zone for a specific SIM type. A dashboard shows the last country each SIM has been used in, together with a geo-breakdown of each country and the SIM density distribution. Clicking a country on the map or charts brings up a list of those SIMs which have connected that month. 

The country and current network name & its status can also be queried from the network API. Some SIM types also provide a cell- query function to find a device’s current active network cell-location. The Caburn Insight system can also force the network to cancel a SIM’s location to force an individual device to perform a location update. Detailed logs are held of these location queries and their results. 

Traffic in geographical zones outside of a SIM-plan’s defined base-tariff zones are chargeable at rates described in each’s tariff description. Any out-of-zone charges are incurred as soon as any usage occurs, and the scale of the charge depends upon the out of zone context. Any out of zone charges are therefore highly-visible within the system dashboard. SIMs affected can be clicked-on to analyse their detailed traffic records. Affected SIMs can be moved into a more appropriate roaming groups if needed.

SIM Searches & Actions

Individual SIMs can always be searched, filtered and identified for further examination. All the information pertaining to an individual SIM is easily accessed, including; traffic records or charts/graphs which illustrate network usage. Additionally, a history of all actions performed on the SIM and their custom assigned data can be viewed.

SIMs can be actioned via characteristics or filtered fields to:

Alerts for SIMs

Alerts can be configured for individual SIMs or groups. This is to warn of problematic actual or forecast usage-levels to allow preventative action can be taken. This is applicable to each form of network traffic, including data, SMS & voice. Sliders can be used to adjust the number of SIMs shown in histograms to help select appropriate warning and cut-off levels for groups. Helping to reveal ‘normal’ operating ranges. 
Automated email notifications can be selected if desired. They can be triggered when out-of-bundle (data, SMS and/or voice charging), out-of-zone usage or aggregated group totals exceed the set warning levels. If required, these warnings can be directed to sub-distributors or end-customers. Should levels be exceeded, new trigger-levels can be set and new warnings triggered when exceeded. Traffic Reporting. Easily viewable and detailed reporting for active SIMs is provided. This feature provides access to all traffic records for the last three months.

Searches can be filtered by setting search parameters or individual SIM numbers or group ranges. The system also uses graphical analysis tools to help reveal further insights. Helping to identify those areas requiring closer examination. Search results can be amended to allow alternative perspectives or to export data for further off-line analysis. The records are searchable to an individual traffic session. SIMs with no traffic are also visible which can help indicate operational issues. 

Custom Operational Information

Specific information can be added and assigned to individual SIMs or groups. For example, customer names can be assigned to SIMs as required. Full customer details can be added so that addresses and contact details are linked to the SIM details in your system records. Such data can be easily imported from spreadsheets. Numerous email addresses can also be entered and selected if they are to be addressed by automated email alerts or notifications. 

Dashboard, Visualised Data & Full SIM History

The main intro screen provides a snapshot in real time of the SIM estate. This includes the total forecast charge for the month and the average forecast cost per SIM. There are also three usage sections; one each for data, SMS and voice services, They show the usage per SIM to date and a projection of the month-end usage assuming the usage continues at a similar rate. As the month progresses, the forecast naturally trends towards the final monthly value of the bill. Each SIM group’s key metrics are detailed and colours highlight those areas needing attention. Amber indicating those SIMs at warning-levels. Those over their usage or cut-off limits being emphasised as red. 

Further graphical summaries and detailed reports can be explored if needed. Trends and anomalies can be viewed as well as how usage extends across the population. Charts include a variety of totals, records, data-used, voice-minutes, SMS messages, networks-used, traffic-types and those countries travelled. Distributions of those SIMs that have generated large numbers of sessions are presented. 

Caburn SIM Management Platform

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