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Caburn SIM Management Platform

Caburn SIM Management Platform

The Caburn SIM Management Platform provides an easy-to-use, enterprise-class IoT management platform for our clients. Caburn has developed the system in response to our customer’s needs to effectively, efficiently and securely manage the connectivity of their dispersed, mobile as well as static IoT devices.

Our simple web-portal gives access to a powerful and highly sophisticated management system. Enabling the viewing, controlling and reporting of the connectivity status or usage levels of individual as well as searchable and definable groups of SIMs.

The system highlights any devices operating outside defined business rules – enabling you to identify and correct any anomalies. Auditable and historical information are presented for more detailed examination (if needed) or the analysis of trends.

We help customers assure their real-time critical day-to-day connectivity of operational devices. Providing immediate visibility of a SIM’s status or usage. Clients can explore, view, control and manage entire, dispersed populations of SIMs in real-time, via a straightforward interface.

The system also provides highly sophisticated actual and forecast usage functions. Forming part of configurable usage warnings and alarms. Meaning customers avoid the shock of end of month bills or unexpected costs. Instead, proactively managing groups of devices by alarm or exception. Allowing the changing of SIM(’s) connectivity parameters or status.

The platform also provides a complex and powerful set of editable functions and API. These systems require Caburn Telecom to manage a complex series of live and dynamic system interfaces with network providers. Forming, the basis, also, of many support and network traffic analysis functions which monitor network activity and raise configurable warnings and alerts.

Simplify Operations

Whatever the scale of your estate, it is essential to know every individual device is connected and working as it should. With large global IoT deployments, this is a time consuming and resource hungry challenge.

Caburn SIM Management: Our unique management portal allows you to view the performance of every single device’s SIM on a one-page dashboard. This highlights any devices operating outside defined business rules – enabling you to spot any anomalies.

Actionable Insights - Visibility & Control

Caburn SIM Management provides granular level information right down to when and where each individual SIM was connected and how much data is being used. This allows you to eliminate or implicate the connection as a potential cause for concern and speeds up diagnosis and fix.

Issues can also be remedied immediately. For example, regional tariffs can be changed to match a SIM’s new location or data limits adjusted when high-use is indicated or predicted. Individual SIMs, subgroups or entire estates can even be suspended or deactivated instantly.

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