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Always stay Connected:

Connect with 600 local MNO networks across 200 countries.

Our Global IoT SIM Card solutions offer international roaming worldwide or by area, with various multi network options available. Contact us to explore technology choices and pricing plans. Caburn Telecom closely collaborates with Tier-1 network providers to ensure reliable connectivity for IoT devices globally.

We provide a variety of IoT SIM card options with different IMSI profiles and technologies, offering clients flexibility and cost-effective deployment for their IoT devices worldwide. We also offer complete eUICC multi-IMSI solutions for global manufacturing and deployment, including areas with restricted roaming due to national regulations.

We offer worldwide and local roaming packages, as well as various multi-network and single-operator options for eUICC SIMs. These are tailored for different locations, functions, and usage scenarios.

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Global IoT SIM Card Solutions for Every Scenario

When developing our main products, we understand that every client has unique goals and requirements. Caburn Telecom provides a variety of IoT SIM card, eSIM, eUICC, and vSIM options designed for IoT projects. These products are created in collaboration with trusted partners and with the necessary agreements for consistent device connectivity.

Completely Managed Worldwide IoT SIM Card Options

Each type of IoT SIM card can be easily managed in large numbers through our IoT SIM Card management platform and customer portals. Each IoT SIM card is set up with its essential operational settings for complete oversight and control. See below for some of our main IoT SIM card products and their characteristics:

A Full Range of Managed Global IoT Connectivity Solutions & Data Plans

Some of our IoT SIM card solutions are more geared towards low data, global M2M applications such as asset tracking or vehicle telematics, while others are more appropriate for high data usage environments such as business routers.

We provide OEM factory-fit solutions: SIM cards can be line-fit, factory-tested, shipped and stored at no charge until they are first activated in the field. Plastic, embedded, industrial and automotive variants.

All of our IoT SIM cards and tariffs are managed remotely via our sophisticated IoT SIM Management Platform.

Global IoT Manufacturing:
Reducing Stockholding & Streamlining Global Logistics

The Caburn Telecom Global SIM and eUICC variants enable you to reduce stock variants when exporting to different countries and markets.

Our trusted standard Global multi-network IoT SIM operates on multiple networks in over 200 countries, with regional configurations (based on cost needs) overseen and managed via our SIM management platform. eUICC SIM cards can be deployed with multiple roaming IMSI profiles to cater with their expected regional footprint.

SIMs Supplied Directly to Your Factory or Device Manufacturer

We can supply IoT SIM cards in line with your production schedule. We supply direct to your factory or manufacturing partner anywhere in the world, with nothing to pay until they are activated.

Free Test Data Allowances for Manufacture & Device Configuration Purposes

Our free test data allowance on our global data SIMs means your IoT devices can be tested after the SIM cards are installed in devices as part of the manufacturing process. They are then placed into a non-billable inventory group for holding and shipping. Charges only apply when the SIM card is activated in the field.

Automatic or Manual IoT SIM Card Activation on First Live Usage

When the IoT SIM cards arrive and become active after their initiation in the destination country of sale & use, they can be used as per their original expected communications plan or re-assigned to another more appropriate tariff group from our wide range of flat regional and country-specific rates. Configuration is via our SIM Management Platform.

Why Does Global IoT Connectivity Matter to Logistic Companies?

In today’s increasingly interconnected world, global IoT connectivity has become a vital component for logistic companies. With the advancement of technology, logistic companies are leveraging IoT devices and networks to streamline their operations, enhance efficiency, and improve overall customer experience.

From tracking goods in real-time to optimizing supply chain management, global IoT connectivity ensures seamless communication and data exchange across different geographical locations, enabling logistic companies to make informed decisions promptly.

By embracing global IoT connectivity, logistic companies can overcome the challenges posed by complex supply chains and ever-changing market dynamics, ultimately leading to enhanced productivity and profitability.

Please also read about our Satellite and Maritime IoT Connectivity solutions for areas and regions where no terrestrial mobile coverage is available.

Overcoming Connectivity Challenges in Countries where IoT Permanent Roaming is Barred

In the rapidly changing world of global manufacturing, the use of IoT SIM cards is becoming more important for smooth connectivity. One problem that manufacturers face is the difficulty of connecting in countries where mobile IoT permanent roaming is not allowed. Despite this restriction, manufacturers can still maintain connectivity by working with local partners, making agreements for IoT data routing, and using advanced technologies like eUICC SIMs. These options allow manufacturers to switch between global and local network profiles without any issues.

While it may seem intimidating to deal with various regulations, numerous manufacturers opt for smart IoT solutions to maximize the worldwide possibilities of IoT in their operations. We offer a comprehensive range of managed IoT SIM solutions, including eUICC, traditional plastic IoT SIMs, multi-IMSI,  international roaming, and single network communication plans.

We offer a complete range of fully managed IoT SIM solutions, including eUICC, plastic SIMs, multi-IMSI, international roaming, and single network communication plans. With our IoT SIM card and connectivity management platform, you can have complete visibility and control over your SIMs, connectivity, and costs. Additionally, we provide the option for remote provisioning of IoT eUICC to our GSMA compliant IoT SIM Cards.

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