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Using our connectivity solutions in a variety of hubs and gateways can allow temporary sites to be set up for transitory work environments and events; i.e. for construction sites, festivals, hospitality events and roadshows. When combined with our flexible terms, they provide a powerful and portable means of adapting your connectivity solutions and resources.

We offer a full range of solutions including IoT SIM CardsFully Managed IoT Routers and Connectivity Management Services.

For example, many organisations hold events that will only be required for a weekend or for corporate team building events. Connectivity is required to track participants or for organisers to upload data from laptops or tablets.

Using our flexible IoT SIM Management Platform means that SIM cards can be suspended for the periods they are not in use. 

Flexible IoT Connectivity Services

We provide a flexible connectivity service that enables our customers to activate and deactivate SIM cards when they are not in use. This means that service providers operating temporary construction site work, annual events, one-off promotions or seasonal services are able to secure cost-effective mobile connectivity services for their devices which for significant periods are dormant.

The Role of Routers for Temporary Construction Sites

In the fast-paced world of temporary construction sites, routers play a crucial role in ensuring seamless connectivity and efficient communication between various stakeholders. With the ability to provide secure and reliable internet access, routers enable construction teams to access crucial project information, collaborate with colleagues, and access real-time updates. Additionally, routers also support the integration of smart technology, allowing for the remote monitoring and management of construction equipment and site security. In essence, routers act as the backbone of temporary construction sites, facilitating productivity, safety, and effective project management.

The Importance of Routers in Ensuring Seamless Connectivity at Events & Festivals

Whether it’s a large-scale music festival or a corporate conference, the success of any event heavily relies on the availability of a robust and dependable network infrastructure. In our digital age, attendees expect nothing less than seamless connectivity to buy products and services, share their experiences, stay updated, and connect with others. This is where routers play a crucial role. Acting as the backbone of the network, routers efficiently manage and direct internet traffic, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted experience for all participants. With the ability to handle high volumes of data and support multiple connections simultaneously, routers guarantee that attendees can share their event highlights on social media, access online event resources, and stay connected throughout the entire event. Without routers, events and festivals would struggle to provide the connectivity needed in today’s interconnected world, and attendees would be left frustrated and disconnected.

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