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Radius started more than 30 years ago as a Fuel Card company (UK Fuels) supplying diesel to transport companies. 

Scorpion Automotive is a designer of alarms, immobilisers and telematics systems for the automotive industry.

AppLocation improves signal security with Caburn Telecom connectivity. Roaming SIM card solution frees the company to introduce a new revenue stream.

Caburn Telecom connectivity improves data control and cuts cost for Segurincat. Security specialist halves connectivity costs by centralising spend.

Caburn Telecom helped to give the RAC Telematics customers complete peace of mind, designing and deploying a reliable and cost-effective managed multi-network SIM solution.

Flexible, roaming SIM package helps safety specialist protect vulnerable workers and control costs.

Caburn Telecom’s global roaming capability has enabled Open Tracking to be completely confident in its ability to track participants in real-time, working wherever their customers’ adventures take them.

Koolzone enhances smart refrigeration monitoring with Caburn Telecom connectivity.

Caburn Telecom connects FarSite’s global netBin fill level monitoring system, enabling smart waste containers stream data to civic teams, reducing cost and optimising collection routing.

Caburn Telecom helped Spirit Healthcare expand the opportunities for its patient monitoring system CliniTouch which allows patients to better self-manage their medical conditions, improving their quality of life.

VMC supply a full range of cashless payment solutions including point of sale, top-up and back office.

Logic Comms provide managed voice and data services across a wide spectrum of business sectors from SME to corporates.

The Scotmas Group is a leading manufacturer of Chlorine Dioxide products and dosing systems, for the most effective disinfection and water treatment possible.