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Connect any Device with Confidence

Across all sectors of industry, the IoT revolution promises to transform business models, increase efficiency and create new revenue streams. To capitalise on this you need a reliable connectivity partner and Caburn Telecom has for many years been the trusted partner of global companies in every sector to deliver on the promise of IoT

Fleet & Logistics

Keeping your fleet in view, wherever the road takes them is essential for good customer service and efficient operation. Our multi-network coverage maximises telematics tracking accuracy and reliability. Competitive flat...

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In-Vehicle & Incident Dash-Cams

Cameras save lives by helping to improve driving, while saving money via reduced insurance claims and premiums. Our resilient connectivity solutions ensure incident-driven CCTV and Dashcams maintain the all-important ubiquitous...

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Smart Cities

Many cities are exploring the potential of IoT to transform everything from kerbside waste collection services to parking enforcement. M2M Intelligence's connectivity solutions have therefore been successfully deployed in connecting...

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Lone Worker Protection

Every employer whose team members spend time on their own, in remote areas, or hazardous situations, need to ensure that they are able to remain connected, alert for help or...

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Asset Management & Tracking

Complex supply chains need constant vigilance to ensure assets are easily locatable for maximum utilisation and maintainance. Providing IoT connectivity for devices allows the implementation of condition-based maintenance; so that...

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Digital Health & Care Monitoring

Increasing numbers of people live with long term health and care needs can benefit from IoT monitoring solutions. Enabling clinicians, carers and families to ensure that their loved-ones or patients...

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Smart Agriculture

Our global multi-network connectivity enables remote monitoring of crop growth, soil conditions, livestock health and their movement for optimized efficiency and to increase production capacity. Our SIMs can be used...

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Our wide geographic coverage, flexile commercial terms and the capabilities of our platform and portal are ideally suited for providing impermanent connectivity for events or pop-ups. For example, sports, leisure...

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Mobile Hot-Spot

Using our connectivity solutions in a variety of hubs and gateways can allow temporary sites to be set up for transitory work environments; i.e. construction sites. When combined with our...

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Facilities Management

Our connectivity solutions are ideal for providing building management services. This can include simple tracking of assets or the deployment of more extensive smart home gateways and monitoring services. Hubs/gateways...

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Environmental Monitoring

Many organisations and agencies are increasingly concerned with monitoring environmental metrics such as CO2 levels, temperature and pollution. The security and resilience of our SIMs are ideal for being located...

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The bandwidths available with mobile technologies means many router providers are using our SIMs to provide local connectivity to customers or staff. Deploying SIMs can also provide a useful failsafe...

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Connected solutions for a diverse array of IoT applications