Critical IoT Connectivity for all Industry Sectors

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Always Stay Connected & In Control - Across all sectors of industry, the IoT revolution is transforming business models, increase efficiency and create new revenue streams.

Always Stay Connected

To capitalise on the growth and possibilities of IoT you need a reliable connectivity partner. Caburn Telecom has for many years been the trusted partner of global companies in every sector to deliver secure and resilient IoT connectivity solutions.

IoT Connectivity for all Sectors

Caburn Telecom ensures that businesses from different sectors can benefit from our services through several key strategies:

Caburn Telecom offers a wide range of connectivity solutions, including IoT SIM cards, data plans, and network management tools. These solutions are designed to enhance operational efficiency, improve productivity, and drive innovation across different sectors.

Caburn Telecom’s services are designed to scale with businesses as they grow. Whether you’re a small startup or a large corporation, Caburn Telecom can accommodate your evolving connectivity needs and adjust our services accordingly.

Caburn Telecom has extensive experience working with businesses across various industries. We understand the specific challenges and requirements of different sectors and provide tailored solutions that address industry-specific needs.

Caburn Telecom offers custom pricing plans to meet the unique needs of businesses in different sectors. This allows us to tailor our pricing structures to align with specific usage and network requirements, budget constraints, and industry-specific demands.

Caburn Telecom provides dedicated customer support to assist businesses in different sectors. Our knowledgeable team is readily available to address any questions or concerns and ensure a smooth and seamless experience for our customers.

Caburn Telecom makes our services accessible and beneficial to businesses from diverse sectors, enabling them to leverage the power of IoT connectivity for their specific needs.

Industry Sectors

IoT smart ticketing machines

Smart Vending & Ticketing

Business Critical Connectivity. IoT connectivity solutions for smart vending & ticketing machines. Like many stand-alone or unattended devices, products such as vending

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Parking & EV Charging

Smart Parking Systems

Car parks and parking lot are getting more advanced with ANPR technology, sensors, ticket machines, camera enforcement, EV chargers, point of sale

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Smart Agriculture

Smart Agriculture

Our global multi-network connectivity enables remote monitoring of crop growth, soil conditions, livestock health and their movement for optimized efficiency and to

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CCTV security system

Security, Alarms & CCTV

Caburn Telecom provide a proven track-record and accompanying single and multi-network solutions; vital for the alarm and security industries. We offer a

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IoT Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring

Many organisations and agencies are increasingly concerned with monitoring environmental metrics such as CO2 levels, temperature and pollution. The security and resilience

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IoT Case Studies


Spirit Healthcare

Caburn Telecom helped Spirit Healthcare expand the opportunities for its patient monitoring system CliniTouch, improving their quality of life for patients.

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Meeting and office


Caburn Telecom connectivity improves data control and cuts costs for Segurincat. The security specialists halve connectivity costs by centralising spend.

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“Radius Telematics is one of the fastest-growing providers of connected vehicle, telematics and IoT solutions in the world, currently operating across 5 continents with over 300,000 live connected devices.
Having a scalable global partner like Caburn Telecom is critical to our continued growth aspirations. Caburn provides Radius with essential connectivity services with multiple SIM options, managed through a single portal to help us deliver ongoing service excellence and reduce our total cost of ownership."