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EPoS Terminals

Never Lose Another Payment

EPoS Terminals

Caburn Telecom provide secure and resilient mobile connectivity for electronic point of sale terminals. Our multi-network connectivity ensures maximum indoor and outdoor coverage for critical payment services, ensuring maximum connection availability and uptime. Our systems and portals enable clients to monitor and administer the connectivity of their devices while our network testing devices monitor service levels for our clients.

EPoS Connectivity

EPoS devices are a central part of retail and hospitality services. Their ability to connect to payment authorisation services, recording and transmitting vital transaction information is vital for ensuring customer services are on-line and in-service. Our connectivity solutions ensure these terminals have access to all locally available networks and can select the most appropriate service. This means that under difficult geographical, topographical, or building conditions, one of the networks should always be available. If one network suffers an outage, then the device can select another network. We also provide security solutions including VPN.

Multi-Network SIM Connectivity

If you’re like most business owners, you rely on your EPoS terminal to keep your business running smoothly. But what happens if your EPoS terminal fails or is unable to connect to services? How will you process transactions? This is where Multi-Network SIM connectivity really matters. With multi-network SIM connectivity, you can keep your business running even when there is a local network problem, poor coverage, or difficulties with one provider. What are the benefits of Multi-Network SIM connectivity and how it can help keep your business running smoothly?

Benefits of Multi-Network SIM Connectivity

There are several benefits of Multi-Network SIM connectivity, including:
  • Reduced downtime – With Multi-Network SIM connectivity, you can keep your business running with the maximum service up-time. This is a huge benefit for businesses that rely on their EPoS terminals to process transactions.
  • Improved efficiency and security – Multi-Network SIM connectivity can help improve the efficiency of your business by allowing you to process transactions remotely, effectively, and securely. This means that terminals can work independently of unsecured 3rd Party Wi-Fi systems and tap directly into any of the mobile operator’s networks or can be used with a secure managed router that delivers high propagation Wi-Fi to the building and environs via a secure multi-network SIM. These systems mean that there are the maximum connection options available as primary and back up and means that you don’t have to wait for a poorly connected EPoS terminal to become available to process a transaction.
  • Improved customer service – By having Multi-Network SIM connectivity, you can provide better customer service by being able to process transactions quickly and efficiently despite potential service variance between mobile network operators. We can also advise on optimising your devices to ensure they select the best network for their service application. These improvements can help greatly improve customer satisfaction and raise service levels.
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