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World-Class IoT Connectivity

Leading provider of secure & resilient IoT Communications and IoT SIM cards for all industry sectors and IoT applications.

Secure IoT Connectivity & SIM Management.

Caburn Telecom is trusted by hundreds of customers and partners, to deliver flexible, resilient, secure and highly scalable IoT SIM cards and global IoT connectivity for their devices.

Who we are

Caburn Telecom is a leading global provider of business critical connectivity for Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Our focus being the development, provision and application of advanced mobile IoT connectivity solutions and IoT SIM card management systems. Our IoT SIM cards, chip-SIMs and IoT eSIMs, provide the flexibility and high service levels vital for distributed IoT devices to operate effectively.

What we do

We provide multi-network global IoT SIM card solutions and services. We also provide multi-IMSI capability together with the sophisticated and streamlined management of all our IoT SIM card populations. Our secure client portals deliver easy to use interfaces for understanding and administering the connectivity of devices. Traffic details and actual (and predicted) costs can be viewed at the group(s) and the individual level. Our innovative and flexible connectivity packages allow IoT service providers to maximise their assets and manage the operational life-cycles of devices.

Cyber Essentials Certified
Cyber Essentials Certified
ISO Registered
ISO Registered

Take Control of your IoT Network

IoT devices can offer a range of valuable public and commercial services but require secure and resilient IoT connectivity to operate beneficially and profitably.

Multi-network systems provide substantial benefits for IoT and M2M service providers, provided they are carefully managed. Motivations for using multi-network IoT connectivity and IoT SIM cards are typically; i) to enlarge geographical coverage, ii) increase service up-time, iii) ensure resilient and cost-effective cross-border roaming, iv) avoid local, regional, national or international service outages on a single network, v) enable remote or centralised management of IoT connectivity and the requisite low, medium and high scale IoT SIM card deployments.


Connect any IoT Device with Confidence

IoT SIM Cards

Providing the highest quality IoT / M2M SIM Cards across all sectors. We are trusted by hundreds of customers globally to provide geo-critical, business-critical, and mission-critical mobile data IoT SIM cards. Our IoT SIMs of all varieties are managed using the Caburn Management System via a ‘single pane of glass’. We have so far supplied over 2.5 million live connections for customers globally and are trusted as a valued long-term partner by our clients.

Global IoT Connectivity

We provide secure and resilient global and regional multinetwork IoT SIM card solutions which are tailored for international, multi-country deployments or IoT device roaming. We also provide a range of focussed single-network options. These tend to be used for for specific applications. For example, in some use cases, very high or unlimited data plans are required. In these IoT cases, single network or localised eUICC MNO profiles can be more appropriate or cost-effective.

IoT SIM Management Platform & Portals

Our IoT SIM Card Management Platform allows our customers to set data limits for groups, at the tariff level or by the individual SIM card. Using powerful analytics, we can provide detailed traffic records, actual costs and predictive forecasts. Our SIM management platforms offer easy to use portals which enable our customers to view their data usage and predicted bills if they so wish. We enable configurable warnings which alert to problem devices and unexpected usage so that large populations can be managed by exception.

Resilient Multi-network Capability

Our multi-network IoT SIM cards let your devices use the best available network at all times. This maximises the area from which your devices can get connected and the resilience of the connection. We provide truly global solutions with geo-redundancy and can provide local points of presence to ensure data security where applicable. We provide private IoT APN for routing traffic and VPN solutions where data encryption beyond normal GSM encryption is required. Our VPN solutions also enable secure management of IoT devices via fixed IP. We also provide CATM1, LTE-M and NB-IoT connectivity solutions.

Global & Localised IoT eSIM / eUICC Solutions

Caburn Telecom deploy and deliver leading-edge eUICC IoT SIM card solutions. Working with our partners on applications for advanced eUICC solutions which help solve client problems within specific use cases and IoT sectors. This includes multi-IMSI IoT SIM card solutions which offer a true global footprint. We also provide localise IMSI solutions for those regions where permanent roaming is barred. We work with a number of the key IoT roaming providers to ensure that we can offer maximum choice to our clients. This can be as a dedicated IoT SIM card with a single roaming or network provider or via full eUICC IoT SIM card solutions that enable profiles to be altered depending upon the geographical profile of the device.

Commercial Flexibility & Consultative Approach

We recognise each customer has their own technical and commercial needs. We, therefore, offer the best IoT SIM card solutions possible, at an attractive price for you. We pride ourselves on being easy to do business with and our outstanding people will always ensure your needs are cared for. Our IoT SIM card solutions will enable your short and long term connectivity objectives are fully catered for. We pride ourselves on being a leading edge adopter of IoT connectivity technologies and IoT SIM card solutions and services. This makes us an ideal partner for your IoT project.

Highest Quality IoT SIM Cards

Industry-leading IoT connectivity solutions across all sectors.

Caburn SIM Management Platform

Our simple web-portal gives access to a powerful and highly sophisticated management system

The Caburn IoT SIM Management Platform enables client’s to optimise their SIM cards and connectivity for their IoT devices. The Platform provides an easy-to-use, enterprise-class IoT management platform for our clients to manage their IoT SIM card populations. Caburn has developed the system in response to our customer’s needs to effectively, efficiently and securely manage the connectivity of their dispersed, mobile as well as static IoT devices.

Caburn Telecom IoT SIM Card infographic

Case Studies

Seguirincat Case study, image.


Project type: Connected security and alarm systems for commercial and domestic customers. Location:...

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“Radius Telematics is one of the fastest-growing providers of connected vehicle, telematics and IoT solutions in the world, currently operating across 5 continents with over 300,000 live connected devices.

Having a scalable global partner like Caburn Telecom is critical to our continued growth aspirations. Caburn provides Radius with essential connectivity services with multiple SIM options, managed through a single portal to help us deliver ongoing service excellence and reduce our total cost of ownership."

Greville Coe Group Managing Director Telematics Radius Payment Solutions Limited

Connected Solutions for all IoT / M2M Applications