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Connected security and alarm systems for commercial and domestic customers.


Tarragona, Spain


Maintaining vital links between alarm sensors and centralised systems and hubs.


Roaming SIM package to improve connectivity coverage and optimise operational efficiencies, via providing simple dash-boarding and control of the entire estate.


Transparent control of every SIM, simplification of contracts, while reducing costs and improving network resilience and network roaming connectivity.


Caburn Telecom connectivity improves data control and cuts cost for Segurincat Security specialist halves connectivity costs by centralising spend Segurincat is an intelligent security system design and installation specialist, based in Tarragona near Barcelona. Serving the commercial and domestic markets, the company is committed to a bespoke approach – creating security around the customer. Each system is designed to adapt to every circumstance – maintaining a constant link between smart sensors, the building owner and police. For maximum flexibility this connection is increasingly achieved wirelessly, through an embedded SIM card, making reliable connectivity a critical consideration.

The Challenge

Historically, the company had used multiple telecommunications providers concurrently to get the right breadth of coverage to ensure uninterrupted connectivity. Marc Viñes, Segurincat’s CEO, picks up the story: “A reliable link from our security devices to the monitoring centre is fundamental to our business. Even the smartest alarm technology is no use if nobody can ‘hear’ it. To maintain unbroken connectivity, and since network coverage varies, we had simultaneous contracts going with several telecoms companies.”

In addition, Segurincat experienced further challenges related to transparency, cost and service level from many of the large networks. Marc explains: “It was standard for the networks to ship us pre-activated SIM cards, so we’d pay data fees while they sat in our storeroom awaiting deployment. Also – we’d have little visibility of data use at the individual device level. If a sensor was sending too much data because it needed recalibration, we’d only know when the network informed us. Usually, this was only after we’d accrued significant additional costs.”

The Solution

While visiting a security industry conference, Marc was introduced to Caburn Telecom by a contact who knew he’d been seeking a better solution: “I was very interested in the opportunity to just use one provider for all our connectivity needs,” he explains. An initial SIM order was agreed based on a roaming KPN card.

“I was very interested in the opportunity to just use one provider for all our connectivity needs."

The Results

Caburn’s solution quickly introduced significant advantages. Firstly, the roaming SIM cards eliminated the need for Segurincat to maintain several connectivity contracts simultaneously – allowing the company to gradually centralise spend with one partner. This increased its purchasing power, saved cost and reduced administration time.

In addition, the roaming cards automatically switch to the best available signal, to ensure the best possible long-term connectivity and overcoming unexpected changes to network topography. This is crucial for Segurincat’s customers.

Seguricat also gained complete visibility of its entire SIM estate, through the intuitive Caburn M2M Insight platform. Marc explains: “We can now monitor and manage our cards from a one-page dashboard. Caburn M2M Insight allows us to check data use and performance – for individual SIMs cards and those grouped by tariff.

“It’s also possible to activate, suspend and deactivate cards through the system so that we only pay for what we use. When we order new SIM cards there are no data charges until we switch them on – it’s much fairer.”

This new level of cost control and tariff visibility allowed Segurincat to cut its connectivity costs in half.

Finally, Caburn’s approach to customer service also exceeded expectations. “Although we’re a comparatively small customer for Caburn Telecom, it’s never felt that way. They are always extremely responsive to queries and support requests. They have also been open to discussions on tariff fees, to ensure we’re getting the most competitive deal,” explains Marc.


Segurincat designs and installs intelligent security systems for domestic and commercial customers. Based in Tarragona, around 100km down the coast from Barcelona.

The company serves the commercial and domestic markets, creating intelligent and bespoke systems for customers. It believes security systems should be subtle to blend in with home and office décor. Segurcat’s experts design systems around users and their lifestyles to be as flexible and adaptable as possible. Its intelligent systems avoid false alarms via anti-confusion systems, with smartphone monitoring and control for users.

Segurincat stays up to date with the latest industry developments and techniques to ensure each installation provides optimal protection. If any issues arise the company provides a swift and effective technical support service to every customer.

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