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Single Network IoT SIM Cards


NB-IoT - LtE-M - Unlimited Data - Private 5G

Single Network Mobile IoT Solutions

Our multi-network solutions are key for most IoT operations. In some instances, a single MNO network operator’s features may be more suitable, such as for high data usage in one country. In other cases, a ‘native’ or local phone number may be necessary, or a very high data package for specific IoT applications like entertainment or shared Wi-Fi.

In some cases, a single network IoT SIM card is necessary when a connection to a specific MNO network’s NB-IoT or LTE-M network is required without roaming support. Caburn Telecom collaborates with top-tier roaming partners and single network MNOs to meet client requirements effectively.

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Close IoT Industry & Localised MNO Relationships

Whether you’re looking for a connectivity solution through a key national or international mobile operator, we can provide a range of tailored single-network solutions to match your exact needs.

As with all our services, our single-network SIM solutions provide the managed scalability, flexibility and control delivered by our extensive IoT SIM management platform.

LTE-M & NB-IoT Applications

As MNO providers roll out LPWAN services, they are not always available to roaming IoT SIM cards. In these cases, we can provide single-network SIM cards that can access these services from a particular network operator. Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT), LTE-M, CAT-M1

Native eUICC Solutions

We provide single network deployment over the air (OTA) for those regions where permanent roaming is barred, restricted or illegal. For instance, we can deploy eUICC SIM cards for Australia, Brazil, Canada, Turkey.

Unlimited Data Plan SIM Cards

Caburn Telecom can provide access to unlimited single network data plans. They are typically subject to a minimum contract period and a fair use policy.

Case Studies

Spirit Healthcare Caburn case study

Spirit Healthcare

Spirit healthcare - Working in partnership to develop a connectivity service that provides strong geographical coverage and cross-network resilience.

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Seguirincat Case study, image.


Project type: Connected security and alarm systems for commercial and domestic customers. Location: Tarragona, Spain Challenge: Maintaining vital links between alarm...

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Smart Parking

Scorpion Automotive

Scorpion Automotive is a designer of alarms, immobilisers and telematics systems for the automotive industry. Caburn Telecom provided a Multi-network SIM...

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