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IoT Device Security


Stay Securely Connected

IoT Private APN, VPN & IPsec Tunnelling

IoT (Internet of Things) is revolutionizing the way we connect and communicate with devices. To ensure secure and reliable data transmission, various technologies such as APN (Access Point Name), VPN (Virtual Private Network), and IPsec (Internet Protocol Security) tunnelling are employed.

Caburn Telecom can help determine the best security solution for any IoT operation and help you avoid unnecessary business disruption and costs.

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Security of IoT Data

Security and data integrity are vitally important to every IoT solution. We can help you discover the right solution for your needs and ensure that all your connected devices remain secure while providing optimal performance.

  • Connect with confidence from IoT devices to managed, cloud and App services.
  • IoT SIMs are as standard configured connect to the internet via our standard IoT APNs
  • Options for private or personalised APN if needed.
  • IPsec VPN options for fixed IP addressing for secure remote management of IoT devices.

Caburn Telecom and our IoT SIM card and connectivity management systems are fully accredited with Cyber Essentials Plus and ISO 9001 standards.

IoT Data Security Terms

What is an IoT APN?

An IoT APN acts as a gateway between an IoT device and the network it is connected to. It provides a unique identifier for the device and manages its communication with the network. By using APNs, network operators can control the data flow and allocate appropriate network resources to IoT devices, enhancing their overall performance.

What is an IoT VPN?

VPN adds an extra layer of security to IoT communication by creating a secure, encrypted tunnel between the device and the network. It prevents unauthorized access and ensures data confidentiality, integrity, and authentication. With a VPN, IoT devices can securely connect to private networks over the internet, enabling secure remote access and data exchange.

What is IPsec Tunnelling?

IPsec tunnelling is another security protocol used to establish secure communication channels between IoT devices and networks. It encrypts and authenticates IP packets, protecting them from potential threats and ensuring the integrity of the transmitted data. IPsec tunnelling allows for secure end-to-end communication, even over public networks, making it an essential component of IoT security.

Our IoT APN & IoT VPN Services

We provide IoT APN, and VPN solutions which provide secure routing and management of IoT connectivity for your IoT devices. This includes fixed IPsec VPN and simple dynamic IP over private APN which are integrated with the highest-quality carrier networks and secure cloud services.

IoT APN, VPN, and IPsec tunnelling are crucial technologies that enable secure and reliable communication between IoT devices and networks. These technologies help protect sensitive data, ensure privacy, and enhance the overall security of IoT applications. By using APNs, VPNs, and IPsec tunnelling, IoT devices can efficiently connect to networks while maintaining the highest levels of security and data integrity.

Key Security Features of our IoT SIM Card Solutions:

Secure IoT Routers

We also provide secure and resilient Fully Managed IoT Routers as a service. They come pre-configured with our industry leading IoT SIM Cards & IoT Connectivity Services

Our routers are designed for applications where data security and privacy are paramount, including Security, Alarms & CCTVPayment Terminals, and Electric Vehicle Charging Points.

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