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Resilient SIM cards for Alarms, CCTV & ANPR Enforcement

If you’re looking for a network provider that can offer you a proven track record and the best possible IoT SIM based connectivity solutions for the security and monitoring industry, then Caburn Telecom and CSL is a perfect choice. We have years of experience in providing tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients, both from a performance and cost perspective. We are a leading provider of IoT solutions to the security industry. Our SIM card solutions and router services are used for over a million security connections in this sector, where resilience and secure transmission of data is absolutely vital. We also provide managed IoT routers as a service. We have so far successfully deployed over 20,000 routers for security, CCTV and ANPR applications.
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IoT SIM Cards for Security & Monitoring

For CCTV and video applications, data usage can be very high. It’s important, therefore, to choose a data solution that can cost-effectively handle large data packages and provide the necessary bandwidth. If you work in the security and monitoring industry, then you know that reliable connectivity is crucial. That’s why we offer both Single Network IoT SIM Card Solutions and Multi-Network IoT SIM Cards so you can choose what’s best for your needs.  Our IoT connectivity solutions are some of the most secure and resilient available through a combination of our own and our MNO partner’s networks, platforms, and services. In addition, we have data and call monitoring capabilities to ensure maximum uptime for these mission-critical devices. 

Maximum Uptime for Mission-Critical IoT Devices

A primary consideration when choosing a connectivity partner is service uptime. For mission-critical devices such as safety / security alarms, CCTV or bodycam systems, it is important to have a solution that can provide maximum uptime. Multi-network or Multi-IMSI managed mobile services are vital as either the primary or back-up connectivity for devices. This means that your data will keep flowing if there is a problem or poor coverage on one network or local data communications issues. This is critical as a data outage can be disturbing, worrying, costly and embarrassing for businesses who are seeking to provide safety alarms or protect vulnerable persons or property. Not only is there the loss of service but also the potential costs of device or service recovery if IoT SIMs are not provisioned or remotely managed correctly and therefore become rogue. 

Ultimate Mobile Resilience & IoT Security

Alarm systems are clearly an important part of building safety, security, and compliance industries. When resiliently connected, they provide a trusted way to alert the property owner or emergency services of a potentially life-threatening fire, leak, or break-in. IoT SIM cards and IoT connectivity are  a crucial part of such systems and is effectively their connectivity lifeline. 

IoT SIM cards essentially allow such devices to connect to the best choices of mobile networks. This connection is important for two reasons: 

  • Firstly, it allows the alarm device to use mobile networks as the primary method to send alerts to the monitoring service if there is an alarm event. 
  • Secondly, it can provide a secondary backup in case a primary local wired or Wi-Fi connection is lost or interrupted via local issues or site owner intervention. 

Our IoT connectivity solutions, therefore, ensure that your devices are always able to stay connected and send and receive updates on distributed locations or properties. If you’re looking for a reliable and experienced provider of IoT and M2M connectivity solutions, then look no further than Caburn Telecom. We can provide you with the perfect solution for your needs, so contact us today to find out more.

The Role of ANPR Cameras in Security & Enforcement

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras are a crucial tool in maintaining security and enforcing regulations. Using advanced optical character recognition technology, these cameras are able to capture number plates of passing vehicles and compare them against a database of known vehicles of interest. This helps law enforcement agencies to track stolen vehicles, identify unregistered or untaxed vehicles, and even monitor traffic flow. However, in order to communicate this data effectively, ANPR cameras require IoT SIM cards or IoT routers. These components enable the cameras to send the captured data to a centralised database or monitoring system in real-time, ensuring that any relevant alerts or notifications can be actioned promptly. By utilising IoT technology, ANPR cameras can play a vital role in enhancing security and enforcement efforts.

CSL Group: Alarm Signalling

CSL Group’s alarm products, offer a comprehensive suite of innovative solutions for secure, robust, and reliable communication. The product range includes the GradeShift Pro 2, DigiAir Pro 3 and the MiniAir 2. CSL’s alarm signalling products are renowned for their fully integrated multi-network operation which ensures uninterrupted signal for critical connectivity. All CSL’s products are designed with a focus on simplicity, quick installation, and providing the highest level of security, making CSL the trusted choice for businesses requiring dependable alarm communication systems.

Further Information & Customer Case Studies:

Please read more about our company credentials, our IoT SIM Cards, our IoT Routers and fully managed router services for more information. You can also read more information regarding the requirements for camera systems such as ANPR systems and infrastructure here: National ANPR standards – GOV.UK (

Some of The CSL Group’s client case studies within the fire and security industry are listed below as well as a link to our installer zone:

Case Studies

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Connected IoT/M2M Solutions Across all Sectors

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your IoT SIM or M2M requirements or would like to learn more about our industry-leading secure and resilient IoT / M2M connectivity plans. We can also discuss any individual technical issues you may be encountering within your IoT / M2M deployments or from your existing SIM or connectivity supplier. This is, of course, on a no obligation basis.

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