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Thief Trackers – Caburn partner plays starring role in celebrity bike recovery!

Our partner Scorpion Automotive was recently given centre stage on BBC One’s Thief Trackers. The show followed Tom Chambers, of Strictly Come Dancing and Holby City fame as he not once, but twice recovered his beloved motorcycle, thanks to the tracking device from Scorpion.

Tom had his £5,500 Triumph Street Triple motorcycle fitted with a tracking device from Scorpion’s dedicated motorcycle brand, Datatool and the Datatool TrakKING was very quickly called into action. On the first occasion, Tom had left his bike outside a West End theatre where he was performing. He was notified by a text to his mobile that his bike had moved and upon confirming the theft, ScorpionTrack’s 24/7 Monitoring Centre was then able to track exactly where it was being taken, via an app on his phone. Using data from Scorpion, the police were able to locate and return the bike with no damage done.

Second time around the bike was taken from the garage at his home. Again Tom received a text to say that his bike had moved. Scorpion was once again able to contact the police and provide location details that were accurate to within 5ft of where the bike had come to rest. “My bike was stolen and I had it back within two hours,” says Tom.

Scorpion Automotive are world leaders in vehicle security and tracking technology and their solutions cover everything from individual bikes, like Tom’s, to cars, vans and large fleets of commercial vehicles. Scorpion’s devices are connected by Caburn Telecom’s multi-network SIMs that use all available networks, and work in over 210 countries, meaning that coverage is always the best it can be, massively increasing the chances of finding a stolen vehicle wherever it’s hidden.

During the show, Mark Downing, MD of Scorpion Automotive, explains how Tom was able to recover his bike so quickly “If a vehicle starts to move, even slightly, the owner receives a notification and triggers our immediate response to begin tracking and locating the vehicle in conjunction with the local Police force. This immediacy hugely increases the chances of recovery without damage to the vehicle.”

Tom is glowing in his praise: “I spent £350 on the tracker but essentially it has saved me over £10,000. You’ve got one chance and it’s this tracker. And it worked!”.

Well done Mark and the team!


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