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The Emergence & Growth of E-Scooters

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Making Reliable Connections in Democratised, Vibrant and Eco-Efficient Cities

Connecting micro-mobility devices for operators and consumers; understanding the complex social interactions between a variety of stakeholders and the role of secure and resilient mobile communications in delivering an optimum service.

The Emergence of Electric Scooters

We have recently seen the emergence of e-scooters being used xmore widely in major UK cities, particularly through the implementation of shared-user public trials. The vision of commuters, day-trippers and tourists moving seemingly unencumbered through our urban spaces, brings a new and novel aesthetic to our cities; beit interest, delight, threat or consternation. Whatever your personal view towards these new and emerging forms of transport as a utility or leisure device, escooters and forms of micro-mobility seem like they may be here to stay; combining novelty and convenience for users while expanding their range, and potentially serving to reduce overall pollution.