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Introducing our Digital Marketing Apprentices: Kimberley Holland

We are delighted to introduce one of our 2 new Digital Marketing Apprentices, Kimberley Holland. Kimberley joined Caburn Telecom in August 2020 and is currently working towards completing her BCS Apprenticeship qualifications under the guidance of QA and the company.

Kimberley is a recent graduate of Fine Art at Bolton University and has worked proficiently with the Adobe Creative Suite, including Photoshop and Illustrator.

Speaking about the apprenticeship, Kimberley said:

“Since I first started working with Caburn Telecom I immediately felt welcomed by everyone. I feel like doing an apprenticeship has been the best step I have taken yet in terms of my career. I wasn’t sure what career path I wanted to take after University, I, therefore, attended a career fair where I discovered the role of digital marketing. Through attending a talk, I immediately thought this is the career path I would like to follow”.

“With being a graduate in Fine Art I found this helps me in terms of the technical and creative side of digital marketing. My degree, on the other hand, did not allow me to gain work experience which was the experience I needed. I have found this apprenticeship has helped me gain work experience in a specialised subject and has helped me learn and improve on my knowledge of digital marketing”.

“Even though Covid-19 has been socially challenging at times, I am receiving a lot of support from my manager and my tutor which I find I can talk to whenever I need support and help. Some topics I have learned so far over the apprenticeship are Digital Marketing Strategies, the Marketing Mix, Google Analytics, Content Management Systems, On-Page SEO, OffPage SEO, HTML, and PPC”.

“Each of these topics I have found extremely interesting and have enjoyed learning about. I am also excited to learn more about Digital Marketing as I progress further into my apprenticeship”.

“Working with Caburn Telecom has allowed me to improve on skills such as enhancing my learning with animation, this is something I have always wanted to learn since I never had the chance to through University. I have set myself a goal by the end of my apprenticeship to improve on my animation skills and to create engaging animations for Caburn Telecom”.

“I have been trusted to take on various projects throughout my apprenticeship. One project I am proud of is designing InfoGraphics for Caburn Telecom’s website. I used my experience and creativity as a Fine Artist to create unique Info-Graphics for the website, designing them through Photoshop. I feel like my progression with Caburn Telecom has been significant and I intend to keep on growing into the future”.


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