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Introducing our Digital Marketing Apprentices: Alexandra Ashurst

We are delighted to introduce the next of our 2 new Digital Marketing Apprentices, Alexandra Ashurst.

Alexandra also joined Caburn Telecom in August 2020 and is currently working towards completing her BCS Apprenticeship qualifications under the guidance of QA and the company.

Alexandra is proficient in graphic design and creates logos, portraits, digital and mixed media art for social media platforms. Alexandra is a keen aviator and has achieved numerous qualifications and awards.

Speaking about the apprenticeship, Alexandra said:

“The Digital Marketing Apprenticeship at Caburn Telecom is allowing me to develop my marketing skills within a highly technical environment, having previously worked in the hospitality and retail sectors. I am progressing rapidly whilst working at Caburn Telecom and have learned new technical skills varying from Adobe photoshop to animation creation”.

“As one example, I started to create an animation video for the company, which was a little challenging as I have no previous experience in that department. I have learned that developing and creating a professional aesthetic is creative, but also time-consuming and requires a high-level of precision. The accompanying courses that the apprenticeship provides, however, is providing me with the sessions and platforms needed to show how to best create and craft animation videos to achieve the desired effects and results”.

“As part of the apprenticeship, I have created my own reflexive personal assessment plan to help me progress during this time-period. I created a SWOT analysis which includes my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. For example, I am currently using my strengths in English Language, my customer engagement experience from Hospitality and my Artistic background to help renew, upgrade, and expand the Sales Collateral for the company”.

“The apprenticeship is also teaching me key business skills. While, I have great experience from the Hospitality Industry in terms of communicating with any age range or professional situation, the experience of the apprenticeship is providing me with the coaching, theory, and structure to organise them in a professional setting”.

“The opportunities that I can achieve from this apprenticeship journey can vary in different creative professions. Right now, learning with new mobile and digital technologies is leading to new skills, new strengths and working becoming a skilled and proficient Digital Marketer”

“This apprenticeship is teaching me how to benefit from learning with and about new technologies for the 21st century and how to apply them in a live business setting”.


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