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Caburn Telecom helps to set new World Record!

Here at Caburn Telecom, we’re delighted to have been able to support a very exciting Guinness World record attempt! Renowned motoring journalist Andrew Frankel and racing driver Rebecca Jackson have come together with RAC and Audi to attempt the most number of countries driven through on a single tank of fuel.

We have supplied multi-network SIM cards for the “MiFi” (portable Wifi hotspot) used by Andrew and Rebecca as they tweet, blog, and share their location, and for their RAC Telematics device that’s given the map location, speed, miles driven and fuel left.

With reliable data connectivity and optimum network coverage, the team has been able to share real-time updates, including the number of countries visited, who’s in the driving seat, average speed, videos and photos throughout their journey.

Starting yesterday in the Netherlands through to Switzerland, Austria, and many more, Andrew and Rebecca have now crossed into Serbia and are on course for the finish in Hungary.

Congratulations to Andrew, Rebecca and all the team!


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