eUICC / Embedded SIMs A Perfect Future for IoT?

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The Embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card (eUICC)

Traditional and portable ‘plastic-mounted’ single and multi-network SIM cards remain well-proven and offer few risks if supplied by a trusted, fully managed service provider. It is recognised, however, that they do add material and structural cost to an Internet of Things (IoT) deployment. One instance being that ‘physical’ SIMs must be exchanged in devices if a new network provider is desired. In widely distributed IoT devices, this is often a time-consuming, costly, and often therefore impractical process.

The embedded SIM (‘eUICC’) is, therefore, widely seen as the future method for providing more flexible means of connectivity, by enabling the remote changing of the mobile network provider for devices. Promising greater inter-operability and selection of a superior array of network services. Enabling manufacturers and service providers to reduce their device costs or switch network provider depending upon shifting needs or future temporal considerations.