Caburn Telecom chosen to provide the Connectivity in India for the launch by Scorpion Automotive of a new and innovative E-rickshaw monitoring Service

The term ‘E-rickshaw’ denotes Electric Rickshaw. As the name suggests these rickshaws run on electricity, quite unlike the conventional rickshaws, and so there is no emission of harmful gases. The battery in these vehicles are rechargeable and can easily be recharged from a roadside point or even at home. Over the last few years the demand in India for such rechargeable battery rickshaws has gone up to a large extent with people growing more and more conscious about environmental decadence. Scorpion Automotive have developed an innovative solution for not only tracking the E-Rickshaw, battery health and vehicle safety but also detecting the number of passengers in the vehicle.

Caburn Telecom were chosen by Scorpion automotive following rigorous testing of its SIM Connectivity and the Control provided by INSIGHT the Caburn’s SIM Management platform. Mark Downing the MD of Scorpion Automotive said: “We chose Caburn Telecom for a variety of reasons. They provide a very competitive offer that is underpinned by excellent support and an understanding of our requirements for working in new markets such as India and the Middle East. Mark went on to say that India is a major focus for Scorpion Automotive and see Caburn Telecom as a key partner in the expansion of its services.

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