Global IoT Connectivity
Multinetwork Coverage in Over 190 Countries
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Extensive SIM Management Platform & Portals
Commercial Flexibility
No minimum contract length and unmatched contractual flexibility
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Unparalleled Choice
A comprehensive choice of networks, tariffs, flexibility and deep working relationships with the major mobile carriers worldwide
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Dedicated Support
Our Team offer the highest levels of technical and operational expertise for your business
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Secure Connectivity & SIM Management

Take control of your IoT network

Caburn Telecom is trusted by hundreds of customers and partners, to deliver flexible, resilient and secure connectivity for their devices.

Global SIM

  • OEM factory-fit solution
  • Line-fit, factory test, ship and store with no charge until activated
  • Activate SIMs to local and regional tariffs when needed, remotely using the Caburn SIM Management Platform

Regional Roaming

  • Cross-border operation with predictable costs
  • Single SIM, simple, efficient and affordable
  • Tariffs by country and region: Europe, Asia, N. America, Latin America, South East Asia and more

Caburn SIM Management Platform

  • Powerful analytics and control of connectivity
  • Allows you to set data limits for groups, at tariff level or by individual SIM
  • Provides detailed traffic records, actual costs and predictive forecasts
  • Provides configurable warnings & alerts custom defined fields for managing devices
  • API suite for automated efficiency

Multi-network SIM

  • Maximum geographic coverage in each country
  • Selected networks providing optimal resilience
  • Flat tariffs across all networks

Commercial Flexibility

  • No minimum contract length
  • SIMs are provided with a test allowance
  • SIMs can be remotely activated or auto activated when first used
  • No contract release fees
  • No cost to suspend SIMs

Service & Support

  • Unmatched team of experienced telecoms engineers & connectivity specialists
  • Providing expert help & personalised support
  • Passionate about our customers

Connected solutions for a diverse array of IoT applications